Can Playing Video Games Actually Be Good for You?

It’s handy for most gamers to be able to explain why playing video games is actually good for them. Playing video games can prepare you for robotic surgery or drone based warfare. Simulations can teach you how to fly a plane or drive a big rig as in this choice

Playing video games can increase grey matter. A study by the Max Planck Institute for Human Development and Charité University Medicine St. Hedwig-Krankenhaus in Berlin found that playing video games can make your brain bigger.

Gameplay can help improve memory and how we organize information. It can also help us find two motor skills. These improvements can be seen in as little as 30 minutes a day. The study also found that gaming can help train specific areas of the brain.

Games that require us to plan ahead had an effect on our prefrontal cortex. Navigation helped us to improve how we process information. Muscular activity and fine motor skills were also improved by gaming. The part of the brain where these actions take place is the cerebellum.

Brain games can provide mental stimulation and encourage us to think. Video games that involve problem-solving and strategy are positive skills for teens to develop. Anybody who’s ever had a Wii fit knows that a videogame can encourage you to move at least to some extent. Even better, it gives you encouragement by tracking your daily progress and your weight.

Most people who’ve heard that little Wii voice say, “That’s obese” are encouraged to either throw the game out the window or to exercise more. Plus, we all know that what gets measured gets done. There is some evidence that videogames can help improve your eyesight. Players of first-person shooter games have been found to have better perception of color contrast. Although, eyesight and screens are something that should always be approached with caution or at least Blue Blockers.

Other reasons why videogames may be good for us include the fact that they might help slow down aging. Keeping the brain and reflexes in shape is just as important as keeping the body in shape. It’s also important to fuel your mind with fun just like you fuel your body with food.

We’ve all worked with that person who can’t make a decision. Video games require quick decisions. This practice dismay help you become a better decision-maker.

Gamers who take advantage of gaming communities are actually more social than non-gamers.

Hand eye coordination is important whether you’re playing a sport or a musical instrument. It’s also just a vital tool in life. Video games are a great tool for improving your hand I coronation. Video games can also help improve your focus and attention. You’re not going to win if you’re not focused on the game.

There have been some studies done that show that couples who play videos together stay together. The stereotype of gamers sitting alone in the basement may not be true after all. Having a wholesome activity for couples to do together is a great way to enhance relationship. Gaming may get a bad rap, but there are quite a few benefits to being a gamer.

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