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Blinds vs Curtains – What to Look For When Deciding Which is Best For Your Home

Are you remodeling your home and trying to decide between blinds or curtains?

If so, you are probably experiencing that choosing a window covering that will meet the numerous needs of your home is exciting and somewhat challenging.  Both blinds and curtains each possess their own set of advantages and disadvantages.  Window coverings should be both functional and stylish, and fit the decor of each room.

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed on how to put the finishing touches on your window coverings, look no further.  I am here to give you some tips on what to look for when deciding what is best for your home.

I am going to give you some advice on advantages and disadvantages of blinds vs curtains.  This will give you a good base knowledge of what you are looking for, so you will be able to ask the right questions. With this base information, I will then suggest that you take two steps towards finding the perfect window coverings for your home:

1. Schedule a personal in-home consultation with an expert

2. Go and visit a showroom to see as many examples of blinds and curtains.

If you are wondering where to start for an in-home consultation, my personal suggestion is Wynstan Blinds, a trusted Australian company that will be able to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Window Coverings 101

What you choose for window coverings really depends on the space you are hoping to compliment, your desired purpose, and personal style.  Let’s start with some lessons on blinds.  Blinds are simple, have a clean aesthetic and can be made from a range of materials such as wood, veneer, plastic or fabric.  Blinds are stylish and functional.  Lined blinds can maintain style while also being energy efficient.

Blinds can often be partially closed, so you can customise the amount of natural light you let into each room.  Most importantly, the technology today with blinds options is pretty wild and exciting.  State of the art companies can install electronic blinds that can be controlled from the comfort of your bed or couch.

Imagine waking up and being able to roll open the shades, allowing just enough light in to get your motivated for the day.  Or, sitting on the couch watching your favourite game and adjusting the blinds to ensure there is no glare on the tv screen.  Blinds are modern, sleek, affordable and versatile.


Our friend the curtain owned the window covering market for a long time.

Long billowing floral prints hung from many ceilings to floors all through Australia.  With many people choosing the sleeker more modern look of the blinds, curtains have really had to step up their game.

Curtains can be versatile in style with the ability to customise the heading style, fabrics, lining as well as tracks and rods.  Each of these elements can determine the style, efficiency and purpose of the curtain.  Adding thermal lining to curtains can keep a room toasty warm in the winter.

Purchasing block-out curtains can block out any unwanted natural light from a child’s room to ensure they sleep longer when the sun is up bright and early. You can even get curtains that help block out noise!   Curtains can offer a sheer panel under the layers that allows natural light in while maintaining a sense of privacy.

As you can see, blinds and curtains both offer advantages and disadvantages.  The task in choosing the perfect window covering begins with you doing your research, and learning what the differences are and what works best for certain rooms and houses.

Next, schedule that in-home consultation with a professional.

You don’t want to schedule the consultation knowing nothing about blinds and curtains, rather have an idea of what you may want in each room then let the professional guide you to the exact right choice.  Window coverings are a very important element of the design of your home, in addition to the functionality of heating, cooling, and privacy of your home.  They are a big decision, but can be a lot of fun to choose with all the modern designs available.  I hope these tips help you in your decision making process, and have fun with it!

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