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Big Ben by Various Photographers

Big Ben is one of the must-see landmarks of the world. Although many people think the clock tower itself is called Big Ben, it is in fact the name given for the bell of the clock. Anyway, grab the first opportunity to visit this famous tower of London, if you still haven’t and see some of the best shots of it by different amateur and professional lenses here.

01 Nils Erik Palm FauskePhoto Courtesy: Nils Erik Palm

03 Sus BogaertsPhoto Courtesy: Sus Bogaerts

04 Nataliya ZemnayaPhoto Courtesy: Nataliya Zemnaya

05 Carlos F TurienzoPhoto Courtesy: Carlos F Turienzo

06 jo williamsPhoto Courtesy: jo williams

07 Arturas KerdokasPhoto Courtesy: Arturas Kerdokas

08 Rosetta N MPhoto Courtesy: Rosetta N M

09 Roland ShainidzePhoto Courtesy: Roland Shainidze

10 Chris MuirPhoto Courtesy: Chris Muir

11 Hegel JorgePhoto Courtesy: Hegel Jorge

12 Christophe PfeilstückerPhoto Courtesy: Christophe Pfeilstücker

13 Romain Matteï PhotographyPhoto Courtesy: Romain Matteï

14Amar RaiPhoto Courtesy: Amar Rai

15 Paolo TrofaPhoto Courtesy: Paolo Trofa

16 Andrew Vaughan SmithPhoto Courtesy: Andrew Vaughan

17 Nada LevaPhoto Courtesy: Nada Leva

18 Sean MolinPhoto Courtesy: Sean Molin

19Christian MeermannPhoto Courtesy: Christian Meermann

Big Ben LondonPhoto Courtesy: Christian Stogner

21 Chris MuirPhoto Courtesy: Chris Muir

22 Heikki AlhoPhoto Courtesy: Heikki Alho

SONY DSCPhoto Courtesy: Sergio Otero

24 Adam stephensonPhoto Courtesy: Adam stephenson

Roland ShainidzePhoto Courtesy: Roland Shainidze

02 Pedro Jarque KrebsPhoto Courtesy: Pedro Jarque


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