Best Movies about Students

Yes there is movies for every occasion! Christmas movies, Horror movies, movies about World War 2, movies about the Suffragettes, there is movies about absolutely everything! For instance, are you a student that is suffering? Are you feeling a bit bored with student life, like it doesn’t amount to anything? Well, have we got a treat for you! A list of movies that are about the trials and tribulations of exactly what you are going through! There are plenty of movies about students to get your teeth into! They will help you to relax and forget about your own worries, and may just inspire you to get on with your studies, and give you the little kick you needed! So here a list of student movies that might give you that little support you need, you’re not doing it alone!

Monsters University
When you are feeling a bit down and out, there’s not better place to go than to Pixar! Their movies have been warming hearts around the world for a few decades now! Only recently have Pixar set their target on education with their amazing movie Monsters University! It involves some of the characters you know and love from Monsters Inc going through University! It details everything, from harsh teachers, to parties, to gruelling and strange challenges that students have to pass to be able to be accepted in the social group. It is packed full of laughs and interesting observations on the life of a student in higher education! As always with Pixar, the movie is full of pathos moments where you really empathise with the characters as they struggle through the University designed to teach monsters to scare! It’s a great, funny film that is a laugh for the whole family and can really serve to take your mind off of your studies just for a little bit!

Dead Poets Society
This film is for those that are looking something a little more realistic. This film from the 90’s stars late comedian Robin Williams. He plays an English teacher that is instructed to teach a group of boys about poetry! There’s no such thing as Paperial here, as Robin Williams struggles to get the students interested in poetry to enable to write the best term paper they can! As they begin to understand the beauty of the poetry, each student goes through their own personal struggle and comes out the better people for it! Robin Williams gives an amazing and inspiring performance as the teacher, and it is a must watch for anyone studying poetry that is in need of a little inspiration!

School of Rock
Now this is a fantastic, funny movie! Jack Black plays a rebellious rocker that is a little too old to be rocking. He takes over as teacher of a class full of kids that he thinks are not very cool. Little does he know that they all have an amazing skill in playing instruments! Black and the kids join forces to become an amazing band that rock out throughout the movie! It is an amazing,funny story with a lot of catchy songs to boot! Many of the students have to overcome self-esteem issues and strict parents to enable them to achieve their full potential. If you are feeling lazy and are looking for a really entertaining movie to help blow away the cobwebs or boredom! But heed this warning, the songs are infectious, and you’ll find it extremely to get rid of them once you’ve heard them!

Never feat, if you are feeling down and uninspired and gradually losing the will to study and be determined, these films are the answer! Watch at least one of these films, and you’ll forget about your studies for a little bit, and you might even feel a little bit more inspired to give your schoolwork another go! It is incredibly important to give yourself a break from your work, as much as you may be eager to do it, too much work in one space of time can be incredibly stressful to put yourself through. You need a break, and these films can provide that little break! If you see one on television, let it run for a bit and see if you enjoy it! You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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