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Behind a Little House by Manuel Cosentino

I am interested in exploring alternative ways to present, interact with, and consume photography as a way to activate and facilitate the dialogue between the artwork and the viewer. “Behind a Little House” is an intimate participatory art project which can only be accessed through the pages of an artist book and chooses to sacrifice dissemination (large-scale web 2.0 approach) to reclaim a physical connection with the audience. I wanted the viewer to start as an outside observer, a spectator, and then suddenly realize that they can participate – the wall mounted photographs lead up to the artist book where everyone is invited to contribute by drawing on the last photograph sheared on each page, giving impromptu co-authors the freedom to shape the direction and the content of the artwork. Text, photographs and drawings provide a framework to the interpretation of the artwork until external contribution starts to add to the dialogue. The project – with its open ended narrative – intends to start a conversation with the public; its nature is purposefully left mutable, open to chance and to change. Manuel Cosentino

behind a little house01


behind a little house02

behind a little house03

behind a little house04

behind a little house05

behind a little house06

behind a little house07

behind a little house08

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