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Quotes that Will Inspire you to Travel

Many of us don’t need a good reason to pack our bags and travel the world – it’s something we yearn to do on a daily basis. If we were given the opportunity to hop on the next plane out of here, we would take up the offer without even thinking twice. Some of us, however, put off the idea until a..

4 Inspirational Food Art Ideas That Make Veggies Fun

Eating veggies isn’t always that exciting. Often, they taste bland and flavorless compared to fried and fatty foods. However, one thing that vegetables do have going for them is vibrant color. To make your vegetable-eating experience more enjoyable, use the unique green, orange, yellow, and..

How Art Transforms Our Everyday Journeys

For most people, there isn’t much to love about the morning commute. Busy subway stations, trains, and busses often leave us feeling cramped, overwhelmed, and frustrated. However, with the right art..