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Casual Yet Stylish Fashion Ideas for Teenagers

Confusing yet exciting, the teen years can easily be the best years of life! High school can be a confusing stage, especially with one’s fashion and style. Peer influence may hit hard on you but there’s also the urge to make your own identity. Instead..

H1B vs H2B Visas

The US immigration policy focuses on bringing in talented and experienced workers to the country to work on the current projects. Several visas exist to accommodate the need of employers and potential employees. The most popular options issued in the USA..

Signs Your Addiction Is Going Too Far

Let’s face it. Everybody has a vice of some sort. For some people, it’s sex, and for others, it’s food. More or less, any pleasurable activity that releases dopamine and other feel-good chemicals in the brain can inevitably become an addiction. The prevalence of drugs in today’s society makes it easy for someone to go down a dangerous road and end up addicted. Once that point has been reached, professional help is the next step to having a productive life once again. But then, maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “I’m not an addict. It’s not that bad. I only have a few drinks at night to keep me calm.” You should take a step back and have an impartial look at your habits to see if this is indeed the case. Are you engaging in a healthy form of release, or are you turning to drugs or alcohol to avoid dealing with your issues? What started as a drink to calm your nerves might have evolved into drinking a six-pack every night. Here are some signs your addiction has hit critical mass: You Wonder If You Have a Problem Maybe after chain-smoking three cigarettes, or downing multiple shots of straight .....