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5 Benefits of Hiring Indoor Plants for your Reception

Nothing livens up a space better than indoor plants. There is just something about lush green indoor plants that adds a stunning look to whatever area they occupy. Unfortunately when most people consider the perfect decor for an event or reception, fresh flowers usually come to..

How to Become a Lion Tamer in Five Weeks

How to Become a Lion Tamer in Five Weeks

There is a huge range of really stupid jobs out there. Think about it. No, really think about it. How stupid a job is being an accountant? Like if you were to ask some kids at school what they really really wanted to do with their lives, do you think there would be a single one who would turn around to..

Is Your Boat Stocked With a Full Safety Kit?

Boating is a fantastic hobby, and being on the open water provides endless opportunities for fun and relaxation. However, it can also be a dangerous pastime if everything is not checked and maintained, which is why taking the appropriate safety measures is an absolute must. Properly stocked safety kits, as well as other simple safety..

Tips to Transform Your Living Room with Wall Decals

Living room looking shabby and needing a revamp? Bored of looking at the same walls day in and day out? Just want a change? Want to explore your creative and artistic side? Then here are a few tips on how to liven up your living space by using simple wall decals. Liven up Your Living Room Gone are the days where you required expensive refurbishments to make decorative changes to your living room, the new and simplest way to liven up any room is via wall decals. These easy to use, inexpensive and artistic wall borders, cut-outs, murals, stickers etc., help to liven and give a completely new and..