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Unique yet Elegant Wooden Furniture for Your Interiors

Image Credit: ltantiques Old But New You are furnishing your new home, first apartment or worn out furniture. You want something that states, “This is Me!” You’ve combed through decorator’s magazines, home furnishing stores and yard sales. Everything looks the same. You don’t want your interior to appear the same as hundreds of other homes just because it’s the latest trend. Think back to what pieces of furniture that you truly enjoyed. Your mother’s bedroom set? Your grandmother’s dining room set? These pieces of furniture were usually hand carved out of a sturdy wood, such as maple or oak. If you have tried finding one of these in an ordinary furniture store, it can’t be found. Perhaps, it is the time to look into an antique store. Most antique stores buy furniture from estate sales and then refurbish them to sell to you. The ways to tell if a piece of furniture is an antique or merely a reproduction are easy to spot. Joinery- Machine cut furniture wasn’t made until after 1860. Pull out a drawer, look at where the sides of the drawer are attached to the front and back. If it only has a few dovetails and they .....

3 Destinations for Photography Enthusiasts

Famed photographer Ansel Adams said, “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” For photography enthusiasts, making that photo requires inspiring landscapes, natural wonders and outdoor venues. In the United States, there is no shortage of enchanting landscapes that provide the..

6 Perfect Gifts for the DIY Enthusiast

Did you think that DIY is something only men do? Think again! There are a number of women getting their hands dirty, such as the likes of Elsie and Emma (authors of the hugely successful arts, crafts and home blog ‘A Beautiful Mess’), and woodworker Janine Stone (owner, business woman and craftswoman behind ‘If You Gave a Girl a Saw’). If you know a..

DIY Home Décor: How to Personalise Your Feature Wall of Frames

Feature walls are a huge interior trend right now and are popular in homes across the world. They’re not difficult to put together, but they can be tricky to make original. So how do you personalise your feature wall of frames? Well, it all begins with being eclectic in your taste. If you want to make a..