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UrbanClap helped us to get the best Wedding Photographer in Mumbai

I could have never thought that this day will come so soon. Sometimes, I think it was just yesterday that Disha was born. But as we all know time flies, it was Disha’s marriage. Disha has always been the most pampered child in the whole family. After all, she is the first child in our small and happy family. From childhood she was very intelligent and smart. She always had plans for everything. If she had to complete her homework, she knew how she had to proceed so that she can complete her homework..

How to Use Heelys Roller Shoes

How to Use Heelys Roller Shoes

Have you ever been walking down the street and suddenly see someone (typically a young kid) glide by as if on roller skates, but actually wearing what appear to be regular running shoes? You’ve just witnessed Heelys, the latest trend in running shoe innovation. Heelys truly do look and act like a..

Library Tech Trends to Watch in 2018

Over the last couple of decades, libraries have undergone a transformation. Where they once focused their services on the lending of books, libraries now offer visitors internet access and the ability to borrow and read digital versions of many books. The introduction of new technologies to the library ecosystem has had many benefits, not just for the users of libraries but also for the staff who..

4 Different Types Of Essay In Language Studies

Essay for a lay man must be just the compilation of ideas that can be done in just one way or that probably has just a single type. However, those who are aware that essay writing in language studies play a vital role might know that there is much more to it. There are different categories of..

3 Most Important Parts Of An Essay

Like every discipline or subject in academics is divided into different parts, in the same way we have different parts of an essay. You all might be writing the essay since school times and now when you are in a college you are still expected to write an essay. At school you might be getting..