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5 Ways Picking Locks Can Change Your Perception of Physical Security

In this digital age, physical forms of security have lost the spotlight with more emphasis given on cyber or digital security. While the property crime rate in the US has declined according to the 2015 FBI Crime Statistics and the rate of cyber crimes (such as hacking and stealing personal information via computers and mobile phones) have increased, the importance of physical security shouldn’t be diminished and should still be given appropriate attention. For as..

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying First Violin

Violins come in all shapes, sizes and even color. For a parent with children taking their first steps in musical development, the choices can be daunting. An important thing you should look out for is tighter grains on..

Drone Photography Simplified: Setting Your Camera Before Take Off

Drone photography is exciting and challenging. It opens up new doors for the photographer, and literally allows him or her to take their images to a higher level. It can be a bit of a complicated procedure for the beginner, but fortunately, there are those who dive into new technology and figure..

DIY Projects You Can Do While Getting a Loft Conversion

Certain home improvement tasks work much better when they’re done while a major renovation project is underway. So if you’re planning to convert your loft, you might as well take the opportunity to properly reevaluate its current condition, and think about..