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Creative Devices: Android Apps That Can Help Anyone Feel Like a Famous Artist

Do you ever feel like you want to learn how to create cool works of art, but just don’t know how to go about doing it? Well, like most things in life nowadays, your mobile devices could hold the key to learning. There are hundreds of apps that have been created over the years to help artists of all experience levels to learn how to work in many different mediums and create..

Best Tips for Eating Healthy While Travelling

Maintaining a healthy eating regime can be difficult for the best of times, but eating healthy while travelling can add additional difficulties to the task. When you are on the road, you generally just want something quick and accessible. Unfortunately, in many instances this means adding fast and processed..

How to Lay New Tile over the Old

Decision Making Laying new tile over the old can save you from time-consuming, tiresome and messy work on tile removing. Besides, during the tear-out process you can damage the floor surface..

Effective Aesthetic Implementation Requires Proper Tools

Tools of Performance The painter can paint without paints or a brush; but can this artist reach full potential? Is it possible to do watercolor with mud and a toothbrush? Maybe—there are many artists who are able to flourish in even the most difficult of circumstances. And, to some degree, difficulty makes for better art. But at a certain level it becomes a disadvantage. If you are a piano player, you need a keyed instrument. Certainly it’s better to have one that has weighted keys, and a full range of octaves. But you can play on light keys in two octaves as..

Calming bedroom colours for a great night’s sleep

You may find it surprising, but the colour of your bedroom could be preventing you from getting a decent night’s sleep! The colour we choose to paint our bedrooms affects how relaxed we are at bedtime. But with an overwhelming choice of paint in DIY shops, where do you start? We have put together..