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Cleaning cellular shades and blinds – The right way to do it

There are many ways to go about blinds, but cellular shades and blinds are one of the most popular solutions that seem to be catching on. If you already have such blinds however, you might have noticed that cleaning them might seem a bit daunting to say the least. If you’re having..

7 Top Tips for New York Tourists

New York City is a tourist magnet that never seems to lose its pull, but it is also a bit of an “insider’s town” in certain respects. Therefore, anyone planning to visit NYC should learn a few “ropes” before they even step foot on the jungle gym. Nothing can prepare you for the feeling of being overwhelmed upon finally arriving to the Big Apple and facing the amazing, ant-hill-like busyness you will witness all..

Capturing Great Memories: Simple Tips for Great Vacation Shots

You don’t need to be a photographic hobbyist to want to capture some worthwhile shots of your vacation and by following a few simple steps and basic rules you should be able to get some images that you will be proud to keep. Here are some pointers on how to capture some great images on vacation, including why giving yourself a moment before taking the shot can be so rewarding, a tip to mix things up a bit..

Can money come from visual art? Three ways you can earn money

Visual art makes one of the most important forms of art. This allows people to see and visualize the different themes in their minds. In fact, when you mention creativity, you always pop “sight and “vision” in the minds of people. When you turn passion into something tangible and seen, do you make money from it? Here are three ways you can earn money from art. You can sell them! Any classic illustrator and graphic designer can always sell their art as storyboards..

How to Catch the Photographic Moments in Everyday Life

Life moves fast, and it’s full of meaningful moments that become powerful memories. You can preserve these experiences by learning how to capture photographic moments in everyday life. To take beautiful pictures, you’ll want to work on developing your photographic eye. A few things to..