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Calming bedroom colours for a great night’s sleep

You may find it surprising, but the colour of your bedroom could be preventing you from getting a decent night’s sleep! The colour we choose to paint our bedrooms affects how relaxed we are at bedtime. But with an overwhelming choice of paint in DIY shops, where do you start? We have put together..

Illustration Inspiration: Top Tips for Collecting Prints

Collecting prints is a fun and rewarding hobby that many people enjoy. You may already collect paintings and want to diversify your collection, or you may just love prints for what they are. They can also be a great place to start for new collectors who..

Men’s wallets: what to look for when buying one

If you have had the same wallet for more than ten years, you need to invest in a new one. A wallet needs to be both presentable and functional. Functional: what does your wallet need? If you are guilty of carrying a men’s leather wallet that is stuffed to the brim and waiting to explode, you need to start leaving some things at home. Not only does an..

How to become a safer driver

If you’re more confident and less nervous you will become a better driver. It’s perfectly normal to be nervous when you’re learning. Driving can be dangerous but most people drive because..