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Add a family touch to your home with these handy tips!

Add a family touch to your home with these handy tips!

Have you considered how would you feel if you could make your home feel more homely? The family home can offer comfort fun and relaxation. If you are looking to add the family touch to your home, there a simple ways to make the home become more family oriented. When considering a home builder to invest with, find out building options that encourage family unity and..

The Impact of a Pool on Property Value

The Impact of a Pool on Property Value

In this article I will discuss the ways in which a swimming pool can both positively and negatively impact property value.  Believe it or not there can be a negative impact on property value with a swimming pool.  A perfect example would be a swimming pool in Alaska.  Not much need for a swimming pool in the snow, right?  In some cities a pool is an asset while in others it could be a liability.  It is always best to check with a real estate agent in your area to see which would be..

Futuristic Wind Turbine Doubles as Modern Apartments

Wind turbine, meet apartment complex. Futuristic modern apartments can combine wind turbines and an apartment complexes. Futuristic modern apartments will harvest natural energy while making sustainable housing a possibility. The glass and steel structure is comprised of three distinct inset circles, each performing different functions. The outermost ring houses rotating cabins for short term residents wanting to take a peak at the best views of the city. The center ring is host to 72 stationary apartments the longer..

5 Benefits of Hiring Indoor Plants for your Reception

Nothing livens up a space better than indoor plants. There is just something about lush green indoor plants that adds a stunning look to whatever area they occupy. Unfortunately when most people consider the perfect decor for an event or reception, fresh flowers usually come to..