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5 Weirdest Museums Around the Globe

After visiting the Louvre in Paris or the Hermitage in St. Petersburg and seeing the most impressive works of art, many of use start to wish for something more exotic. Well, your wish is our command! As Travel Ticker shares with us in this article bellow, there are a few museums with walls that are covered not just with paintings, but with bewildered skin, insects or human body parts! Although among these exhibits many of us won’t be..

Top 3 Ways to De-Clutter Your House

Most people like the idea of living a simplified and uncluttered life with less stuff around. But many feel overwhelmed and anxious around the idea of decluttering their homes. Owning fewer possessions mean less to clean, less to organise and less stress. When you decide to sort through your belongings and weed out the clutter in your house, each room will have its own particular challenges. De-cluttering means not just throwing things away, you can donate them to an individual in need or an organization, which will put them to..

Add a family touch to your home with these handy tips!

Add a family touch to your home with these handy tips!

Have you considered how would you feel if you could make your home feel more homely? The family home can offer comfort fun and relaxation. If you are looking to add the family touch to your home, there a simple ways to make the home become more family oriented. When considering a home builder to invest with, find out building options that encourage family unity and..