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How to Make Awesome Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs are a bit like the CGI that have been a part of the film industry for so long, some of the early versions look decidedly out of date compared to the animations we now see in the latest blockbusters. GIFs might conjure up images of websites where everything on the page seemed to be an animation, but not always in a good way when you consider the seemingly ever-present dancing babies and..

Make Learning Guitar Your New Year’s Resolution

With the holidays just around the corner, the New Year is fast approaching, and you know what that means: people all over the city will be making their New Year’s resolutions. After a month of food-based festivities forcing us to loosen our belts, the vast majority of Torontonians craft..

Tips for Keeping your Home Pest Free

Nothing is as frustrating as a swarm of mosquitoes at night or cockroaches crawling across your kitchen. To keep your home free of bugs and critters, you need to follow these pest control tips: Clean your kitchen A pile of crumbs on your floor or kitchen is just an open invite for all types of pests. You should let them look for food elsewhere – far away from your home – by keeping your kitchen..

M/Y Joan Marie, a Must-see 85′ Pacific Mariner Yacht

Launched from the Pacific Mariner shipyard in 2008, yacht for sale Joan Marie, features the acclaimed Bill Garden hull design which offers excellent fuel efficiency and speeds of 20 knots. Additionally, Joan Marie features a shallow draft, which allows your yacht to get into those shallow..

Creative Ways to Organize a Home Office

Millions of people work from home because they run a business out of a spare room, are studying an BSN to DNP online, or because flexible working hours are a company policy. Working from home works well for most people, but you do need to be organized and have a well-designed workspace to call your own. Sitting at the kitchen table surrounded by the detritus of breakfast and last night’s dinner is rarely productive, so here..