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American Home Shield Review

American Homeshield is the largest and the most recommended (according to Women’s Choice Award) home warranty provider in the United States. It is one of the largest companies in the home warranty industry and serving people from the last 47 years. It has served happily more than 1.7 million customers till now. Its home warranty products and services are available to homeowners as well as property managers.

Anyone who owns a home knows the pain of frequent repairing of home appliances, home systems which not only costs monetarily but drains the energy out too. For example, when your AC breaks down, it could be more than just replacing the faulty component or part. It could lead to unexpected cost rise, which is an ultimate headache for any house owner.

For taking all your burden out off your shoulder American Home Shield provides various product plans according to your budget and priorities. Even if you choose a wrong plan for yourself, you can change it to another plan.

Appliances Plan: Coverage for 10 appliances
System Plan: Coverage for 11 systems
Build your own plan: Most flexible plan in which you can add appliances and plans according to your preference
Combo plan: 61% customers favorites and give you most comprehensive coverage of system as well as appliance failure

In total American, Homeshield service covers 21 Appliances and System for your home such as:


Optional coverage
• Pool and/or inground Spa Equipment
• Well Pump
• Septic System Pumping

These can be purchased up to 60 days after the beginning of the contract without an inspection. It can be purchased even after 60 days of the contract, but only after formal inspection.

EASY PROCESS: what you have to do?
• Choose your plan according to what suits you best.
• You set (choose) the Service fee according to your budget. For example, you choose $75 or $100 per service call or $ 125 which lowers your monthly payment.
• It can be done online or through a call.
• Homeshield contacts contractors for visiting your house for diagnosis and inform you accordingly.
• A finale follows up from the company to get your feedback.

• If you refer this service to your friends then you get a $25 Amazon gift card.
• You can save $50 when you buy additional coverage for your other home appliances.
• You get up to 50% discounts on AC and Furnace filter components retail price and you get it delivered to your doorstep.

Some other unbelievable features
• The company does not ask for a pre-home inspection.
• Appliances age does not matter. Whether you have bought new appliances or you realize later on to take plan for your home systems, you can do that anytime.
• Coverage won’t be denied for improper installations, rust, corrosion or lack of maintenance. Happy?

• Routine maintenance
• Flues, chimneys, venting and exhaust lines
• Repair, replacement, installations, or modifications of any component that is defective.
• Electronic, computerized, or home management systems
• Random monitoring systems, fire sprinkler systems, and solar system components.
• Repair or remediation of cosmetic defects
• AHS is not responsible for the damages caused due to mold, fungus, rot, pest damages.

Some Hidden Areas
• In addition to monthly charges, you will need to pay a service fee every time you request for repair.
• Service will not cover manufacturer warranty for components.
• It does not cover routine maintenance or can reject your service due to many unspecified terms. For that, you need to read carefully all the terms and conditions of the service.
• You cannot change to other plans after 30 days of choosing a specific plan for yourself. Therefore, you have to choose it wisely as there is not much time available for course correction.


The company provides easy claim process which can be done through:
• Online support and chat column
• Phone calls
• Visiting office and making your claim


For customer’s feedback and reviews, you can visit its official website where you can get hundreds of satisfied customer’s reaction and reply against their services done by the company.

Repairs and replacement are done with hassle free process. The company has its own network of contractors and professionals who assist you in giving a satisfying service.

COMPARING American Homeshield VS other service providers
• It covers the widest range of appliances and system.
• Easy 4 step process to get your done.
• The highest rating for customer satisfaction.
• Highest technological expertise.
• Wide network covering professional, real estate, contractors and many other organizations which make it reliable company in the market.


If you want to secure your Appliances health and Systems work, then you can definitely think and choose American Home Shield. It is not only the highest rated company, but understands your requirement and need too. Every homeowner wants to protect their home appliances from regular wear and tear which is bound to happen. For protecting you from bearing the unexpected extra cost and controlling your monthly budget, American Home Shield probably has the best plans available for all your home appliances. So if you are seeking best home warranty for your home, there is American Home Shield.


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