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Amazing Ways to Make an Art by Stitching

Have you ever seen a piece of textile and felt joy by seeing the artistic stitches? Creating an art with Stitch and Sew may seem like an impossible task at first, but when you look closely, you would understand that it is simple. Most often those mesmerizing dresses might surprise you with their deceptively simple patterns. 

Try to reverse engineer the artist’s way of stitching. Unpick stitching from a favorite old embroidered dress. You will see that the patterns were based on simple stitches. It would surprise you more to understand that you can also create intricate designs.

Here’s how you start your creative journey:

1. Be intentional.
When you are planning to start any creative art, the key to succeeding lies in being intentional. Take your time off or set a few hours every day to be productive. When you are all set to stitch, make sure that you do not get distracted. A set number of hours per day will help you concentrate on the art and create excellent handmade stuff. Think of a swapping few hours of your nap time, a Saturday morning, or whenever you could spare a couple of hours in a day. Make it a priority to stick to your time.

2. Get some support.
It could be a daunting task to stay committed to a craft after a period of time. Getting support from the local art group or a friend with similar interests could boost your productivity. You would also be able to share your skills and learn new techniques as you do it along with a group. If there is no possible help in your neighborhood, try to seek help from online communities and social media.

3. Start small.
It is natural to be ambitious when you start your creative dressmaking. Yet, it is a good idea to start small. Smaller projects are easy to finish and do not take a lot of time. This can help improve your confidence levels and help you adapt better to new methods of stitching or sewing. Aside from that, smaller projects help you review your work quickly and help you learn.

4. Work on your own pace. 
Build up self-esteem working on your stitching methods to start on bigger projects. Learning to sew would not be the same experience for two people. Stick to your pace of learning and do not compare your skills with others. 

The more confident you become doing a specific type of stitching or sewing will make you a better artist. Do not fret if you are slow, take time to understand your machine’s quirks as you go. 

5. Involve your kids.
For most parents, the support of kids is a must to pursue anything creative. If you are sewing for the first time, involve your kids as well to work along with you. Having your kid underfoot could become a hurdle to learning to stitch and sew in peace. When your kids are involved, you would find that they will appreciate your handiwork. Children can also be natural critics of any work and you can expect a honest feedback from them!

With practice, you would definitely be able to create intrinsic artistic handwork in a short time. Most of the times, basic stitches are the base of amazing designs. Set small targets for yourself to stay hooked to your creative art. 

As time passes, you would be amazed by the changes that you see in the way that you stitch and sew compared to yourself as a beginner! Do not let stitching and sewing become dying arts.


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