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9 Impressive DIY Pencil Case Designs

Don’t let “pencil holders are only for school kids” idea to fool you as they are also great office organisers. Easy to customize and can be tailored according to your personal needs and usage, pencil holders are a-must for your desk whether you are a student or working at an office. Luckily, there are many creative ways to have your own pencil holder and you can find some of the best ones with their tutorials here in this entry. Our favourite is the one made with cork trivets and we chose it as our next free time activity. Like us, you are just one step away to see how impressive the result of your project will be.


diy-pencil-holder04Tutorial: designformankind

diy-pencil-holder06Tutorial: thebasicsmagazine

diy-pencil-holder03Tutorial: threeyearsofdeath

diy-pencil-holder05Tutorial: pysselbolaget

diy-pencil-holder07Tutorial: morningcreativity

diy-pencil-holder08Tutorial: upcyclethat

diy-pencil-holder10Tutorial: mrhandsomeface

diy-pencil-holder09Tutorial: happyhappynester

diy-pencil-holder01Tutorial: makermama

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