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9 DIYs for a Perfect Picnic Blanket

Now that summer is underway, it’s a great time to go for a picnic. Backyards, rooftops, parks, patios. Anywhere available for outdoor dining should be made use of its fullest during this time. If you still haven’t, it’s good to have picnic fixings on the ready! Cute baskets, blankets, coolers and some picnic food is all you need. You know we are very fond of DIY projects, so I have been on a hunt for the perfect picnic blanket tutorial. Fortunately, I stumbled upon so many creative examples and collected to share with you. Don’t wait to make yourself a totally unique blanket for your upcoming picnic!

diy-picnic-blanket02Tutorial: henryhappened

diy-picnic-blanket08Tutorial: youandmie

diy-picnic-blanket06Tutorial: thewonderforest

diy-picnic-blanket03Tutorial: clonesnclowns

diy-picnic-blanket09Tutorial: centsationalgirl

diy-picnic-blanket04Tutorial: studiodiy

diy-picnic-blanket05Tutorial: mysocalledcraftylife

diy-picnic-blanket07Tutorial: designlovefest

diy-picnic-blanket01Tutorial: ablissfulnest


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