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The 9 Best Emoji Party Decorations for Your Kid’s Birthday

The 9 Best Emoji Party Decorations for Your Kids Birthday

Emojis are one of the most universally recognized communications tools on the planet these days. Emojis cross cultures and are a simple way to communicate emotion in an email, a text, or in any other venue or delivery system. 

For people living under a rock, emojis are tiny little pictures that express emotion. They came originally from Japan. A Grammarly blog gives us the history or emojis:

Emojis were created by Shigetaka Kurita, a Japanese pager and cellphone 
designer who was inspired by Japanese kanji and the preexisting kaomoji 
to create a new form of mobile expression.

It was Apple that was credited with bringing the emoji to the United States with the release of their iOS 5 operating system for the smartphone. Wikipedia points out that computer programmers were coding in emojis as part of the development of several operating systems prior to the iOS release.Turns out there is actually a committee (the Unicode Technical Committee) that decides which characters are added to computer programs and operating systems. 

Today emojis existing in all kinds of forms; facial expressions, animals, weather, and more. They are everywhere and have become a common way to express tone and emotion, a kind of visual shortcut for writing out speech. 

But kids don’t care about any of this. Kids just like emojis because they’re cute or funny. That makes them perfect as a theme for a birthday party. Speaking of birthday parties, we’ve put together 7 of our favorite online retailers that offer great supplies for any emoji party — whether the birthday boy or girl is 2 or 22.

All shopping starts with Amazon, right? So check out all the emoji party supplies. Conducting a simple search yields some nice finds:

The 9 Best Emoji Party Decorations for Your Kids Birthday

There is even an entire birthday party kit themed around the poop emoji with pun-friendly signage that says things like, “What a stinkin’ fun party,” and “Party till you’re pooped.”

Birthday Direct
Birthday Direct is a great online site to snag everything emoji. They have personalized party posters, emoticon table decorations, placemats for the tabletop and even poop emoji banners. No party would be complete without that, right? To keep within a theme, there are also poop emoji balloons which might even make the adults giggle — or possibly 

Dollar Tree
Here’s the truth about birthday parties; we pretty much trash the decorations at the end, right? Not very environmentally friendly, unless recycling is top of mind. Why in the world would anyone spend more than a buck for the stuff they’re going to be tossing in just a few short hours? That’s why we like Dollar Tree for this list. Dollar Tree is one of those corner stores we pass on the way to a “real” retailer, but bargain hunters know these stores actually have some great items at the very low cost of $1. There’s even a great online site where shoppers can find a few emoji items to add to the birthday boy or girl’s party. What’s wrong with FOUR emoji plastic tablecloths for a buck? Nothing at all.

For the Pinterest crafty Moms and Dads that want to create an emoji party from scratch, we have a couple of stores on this list that’s perfect for buying the bare bones party fixins’ and then creating something unique. JoAnn’s is a good place to start the hunt for low cost but fun emoji items. 

There are emoji heart stampers for cards, make-it-smiley face emoji sun catchers, emoji scrapbook supplies, and lots of fabric if the shopper decides they want to make their own tablecloths for the birthday party instead of buying the cheaper plastic ones. JoAnn’s gives shoppers all the tools they need to make something that the other neighborhood kids (and their parents) will be talking about later on.

For the D-I-Y set, Michaels is also da bomb. There are all kinds of crafty items for sale online as well as in-store. A simple search for emoji birthday party supplies yields a ton of fun — stickers, balloons, paper plates, plastic cups, gift bags, napkins — oh my! 

The 9 Best Emoji Party Decorations for Your Kids Birthday

Oriental Trading
The Oriental Trading company has tons of emoji decorations. From bracelets and fake tattoos to stickers and stampers, Oriental Trading has all kinds of party gifts for kids. Customize an emoji banner for the birthday boy or girl and line the tables with smiley faces. This online party outlet is a good choice for everything emoji.

Party City
Party City has made an entire business out of partying. Their selection is phenomenal and always one of the first places to go anytime it’s time to party on, Garth. True to form, Party City has emoji birthday party supplies — of course, they do. They even have emoji pinatas!

We particularly like their selection of birthday party kits with emoji themes. Out of all the retailers we’ve reviewed, they have the biggest packages of birthday party supplies at good prices. They even have some unusual items like emoji string lighting that none of the other retailers seem to offer. There’s even a cute emoji photo booth for the babies first selfie.

Target always has great options whether the parent is shopping at a brick and mortar storefront or online. Target is one of the biggest retailers in the nation, and true to form, they have a wide selection of emoji birthday decorations, including balloons, banners, cute plates, tablecloths, and party gifts. 

Then there’s Walmart. Of course, Walmart has great prices on just about everything, including emoji birthday goodies. From party favors and goodie bags, decorations to prizes and gifts, Walmart is a one-stop shop for emoji themed birthday party items. For $29.95 the shopper can pick up a complete package for eight kids with emoji themed items, including plates, cups, napkins, and silverware, birthday candles, a tablecloth, balloons, gift bags and a cake topper.

For families that want to party like it’s 2099, these stores will all help with shopping for the best emoji decorations to make the next birthday a super special event.

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