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7 Ways to Brew Coffee While Travelling

Does the thought of the inevitable bad coffee you’ll find in most hotels and hostels almost take the edge off the excitement you feel at the thought of travelling? Fear not, for we have the answer! Here are 7 ways to brew coffee while travelling to ensure that your daily fix is as good as always.


1. Take your Own Coffee
By far the easiest solution is to take your own coffee. Simply pack a bag or jar of your favourite instant coffee in your suitcase or back pack. Of course if you’re trying to travel light, this might not be the ideal solution but you need to consider whether it’s more important to you to have a great cup of morning coffee, or lose that little bit of extra weight in your luggage! While normally instant coffee wouldn’t be your go-to option, at least if you take your own, you’ll get decent instant coffee rather than the cheap stuff most places serve!

2. Add Hot Water to the Coffee Brewer in Your Hotel
Most decent hotels will have a top quality coffee maker. But they’re usually not all that great. Adding some hot water to it before you push brew can help to ensure you get at least a hot, half decent cup of coffee! And if it’s a communal machine, your fellow travellers will thank you for the slightly better coffee too!

3. Grind Your Own Coffee as You Go
If you’re a real hard core coffee lover, then the thought of instant coffee will make you gasp and the extra weight in your luggage will be worth it to have good coffee. Take your own beans and a hand grinder with you.

4. Use a Plastic Dripper
If you choose to use option three, then you might as well go all out and take a single serve dripper too! You can get small plastic drippers that fit any cup and voila – a good cup of coffee on the go!

5. Use an Aero Press
Similar to a single serve drip filter, the aeropress fits on your cup and makes a single cup of coffee. It works in pretty much the same way as a French press, but it’s small and light enough to carry with you.

6. Run a Brew Cycle with Water Before You Make your Coffee
As we mentioned above, hotel coffee brewers usually leave a lot to be desired. If you like your coffee really hot and time isn’t an issue, use this simple hack for better, hotter coffee. Run a brew cycle with just water. This primes the machine and if you re-use that water for your coffee, it will help it to be that couple of degrees hotter.

7. Use an Insulated Bottle
If you usually have a couple of cups of coffee spread out across the morning, repeating these processes again and again can become tedious, especially if you’re used to having a large pot at home. Use an insulated bottle or flask and make extra coffee the first time. Simply pour it into the insulated bottle or flask to stay warm so you can have another cup when you’re ready!

Hopefully, these tips will ensure you get your daily fix. If you really don’t want the hassle of carrying extra things, then the easiest solution is to remind yourself that you’re travelling the world and just suck it up! Bad coffee really isn’t a good enough reason not to enjoy your travels!

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