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7 Warning Signs Your Relationship Is Toxic

The worst things in a relationship are wasted time, emotions, nerves and finances on a person who doesn’t deserve it at all. Sometimes relationships, love, and feelings run into a dead end after a year or even five years of relationships. This love affair exhausts all the strengths, undermines faith in love, and drives into depression. The thing is that it was a toxic relationship and the person didn’t suit you initially. What are the signs of a toxic relationship? How to immediately understand that everything goes wrong? How to understand that a girlfriend doesn’t suit you?

7 Warning Signs Your Relationship Is Toxic

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Signs of a toxic relationship

1. Manipulation and ultimatums
A girlfriend makes demands that you have to choose from something? Does she manipulate you, using your weak points? Manipulation doesn’t make it possible to do as you want. It is necessary to refuse all your desires in favor of a partner. It is wrong. This is a toxic relationship.

2. Impossibility to talk about problems
If your partner doesn’t want to hear that you need to change something, it means that she is quite comfortable. However, if you feel that there is a problem in your relationship, it is a sign that there is no harmony in your union – while one of you is enjoying, the other is not at ease. Such relationships will be poisoned by the misunderstanding and reluctance to hear the other. The inability to reach a partner leads to despair and a sense of a vital impasse, which rarely happens if you marry Russian women because they highly value their men and the entire relationship thing.

3. Requirements for payment for a relationship
What is a toxic relationship? You have to pay for good behavior, kindness, tenderness, love, and sex. But this is not done directly. A girl tells you that she is waiting for gifts and material assistance. “Buy it”, “give it”, “my phone is broken”, “pay for my apartment”, “I want a car” – this prostitution in relationships kills everything.

4. The threat of a breakup
Does she frighten you for any reason? Did you break up a dozen times on the initiative of the girl? This trick is used to achieve a certain result and tame you – either do like she said or goodbye. You’re not a dog to be tamed. Therefore, there is need to look for advise on how to fix a toxic relationship.

5. Frequent mood changes
The use of emotional swings is the hallmark of toxic relationships. Today, a girlfriend is very kind and affectionate, and on the next day, she doesn’t want to talk and you don’t understand why.

6. Intrusiveness in relationships
She shows excessive molestation and jealousy on the verge of insanity. Where were you? With whom did you spend time? What are you doing now? When you are scolded for deviating from the intended life path, it drives you depressed. You are not given a sip of freedom in the form of a favorite hobby, meetings with friends, and moments of loneliness. These are toxic relationship signs.

7. You don’t trust her
You are constantly deceived in both small and big things. She used to bustle, lie, and act as she wants. An emotional connection didn’t work out between you. You are like strangers, albeit together.

8. Manipulation of sex
Sex is a barometer of any relationship. Either you do as a girl wants or you lose it. The girl uses sex as manipulation. She has a headache, is busy, tired or just doesn’t want to. If she refuses to have sex all the time, then it’s time to think about whether you need a frigid girlfriend who has sex only for selfish motives.
How to get out of a toxic relationship? Unfortunately, there is only one way out – a breakup. It is necessary to end it as soon as you understand it until you spend your best years on the person who is not worth it. You can be sure that somewhere in this world, there is a girl who’s waiting for you and can make you happy.

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