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7 things a man should avoid dating a Ghanaian woman

Except reading Ghana news today, it wouldn’t go amiss to find out the things a man should and shouldn’t do when dating a Ghanaian woman. We have prepared a list of 7 things you should avoid in order to keep peace in relationships with your babe. Do not miss an opportunity to find out advice that will help to build promising and strong relationships with your second half.

Study the list carefully to find out what can push your woman away, especially when she originates from Ghana.

1. Avoiding eye contact during the conversation

Strong relationships can hardly be imagined without an eye contact. It is a part of etiquette and is especially important in Ghanaian society. You will definitely create a bad impression if you fail to look in the eyes while talking to a person, especially a woman. Any lady will come to the conclusion that you are not interested in her.

2. Constant talks about ex

No matter what the relationships with your ex-girlfriend were, how much you loved her, how wonderful she is or how you were depressed when these relationships came to an end. The girl you are dating with now is your present and maybe future, so it will be a big mistake to rake up the past. You can ruin everything if you tell your current girl about how amazing, funny, tender was your ex. It will be a sign that you are not ready for the new relationships.

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3. Bad personal hygiene

Bad odor can alienate any lady. A Ghanaian lady will not say goodbye to you at once, but you can be sure that she will make her conclusions about you. We must say that they will be negative for sure. You will be lucky if a girl will try to hint on your personal hygiene politely at first and then will try to shape you in the right way. However, we advise you not to risk.

4. Giving excuses from meeting the family
For a Ghanaian lady, it is very important to introduce her man to the family. If a guy is not ready to meet his girl’s her close relatives, and he always postpones this event, sooner or later a girl will say goodbye to such guy. You should pass this test with honor and make your second half more confident in you and your relationships.

5. Locking eyes on the phone

A gadget dependency has become one of the most annoying things nowadays. If a guy does not want to have constant disputes with his girlfriend, he definitely shouldlearn to take his eyes off his phone, especially during the conversation. Such behavior shows disrespect and lack of interest. Any girl requires attention. If you are interested in your gadgetmore than in a girl, you risk losing her and staying with your phone alone.

6. Lack of spirituality

Keep in mind that religion is a key to the heart of a Ghanaian girl. Spirituality is one of the pillars of every Ghanaian home. It is not a secret that any girl sees a future husbandin her boyfriend. A Ghanaian marriage is grounded on the principles of religion. If a man shows negative reaction to spiritual things, a lady understands that he does not consider her as a future wife. She will dismiss him as a result.


7. Always empty wallet

Spirituality is very crucial, but the material side of life is no less important. Almost every girl wants to build serious relationship with a man who is financially stable. A man should at least take care of himself and then take responsibility for her. If she is repeatedly bound to pay for herself and even for you at the restaurant, you will lose her. Any girl is a future mother, and she needs to be confident of stable future for herself and her posterity. Do not waste time, if you do not have a job or source of earning; it is a high time for you to find one.


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