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6 Tips to Pick the Perfect Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitation reflects the personality of both the bride and groom. Hence, it is important to select wisely. When your guests see your invitation card, they can tell how much time and thought you have invested in it. Therefore, if you want to make a perfect wedding card, you need to make sure that it is appealing and every information about the wedding is included. You should be assured that the wedding invitation will remain in the scrapbook of your mother-in-law forever; therefore, you have to consider certain factors to pick the impressive one. Here are some tips to help you pick the perfect wedding invitation card;

Know the trends
Think out of the box to make your card memorable for years. If possible, create a custom design. For instance, you can include the photo of your family crest in the card. Opting for a modern typestyle can be a wise act. Nowadays, gray inks are much in demand. So, you can surely give it a try.

Play with shapes
Generally, the size of a wedding invitation is 4.5 inch by 6.25 inch. Nowadays, modern circular and square cards are catching people’s attention. You should avoid picking a big-sized invitation card to reduce posting costs.

Wisely select the words
Prior to writing, you should learn the wording rules. According to the rule of thumb, you should mention everything clearly especially the wedding time. Traditionally, some requesting words are written just below the host’s name. To go with it, you can write “request the honor of your presence”.

Keep it simple
Your card should contain a list of the important information like the couple’s name, wedding venue, host’s name, and the RSVP. Give it an elegant look by writing only the necessary things. The simpler the design is, the more appealing it will be.

Envelope calligraphy
It is the wedding envelope that your guests will first see. Therefore, you should make sure that it is very attractive. You can get some of the best calligraphy pens especially the wild neon ink and decorate the envelope with hand calligraphy. Maintain the bold and bright effect throughout your writing. Neon colours have the power to get its seat even in the swankiest affair. For sophisticated calligraphy, you can use white-inked pens on your dark-toned invitation card. By using such a color, you can give a twist to the traditional way of writing.

Cost matters
Wedding invitations are like artefacts. You should make sure that are designed perfectly to last longer. However, you can also do more for less. By using crisp engraving, you can reduce the cost.

You can also use envelope liners or make use of loose colored tissue on top of the invitation card. This will help you save a lot of money.

The best calligraphy pens, quality paper, size and color of the card all assemble to make your card perfect. It’s recommended to do enough research when you still have time. If you’re planning to hire a calligrapher, make sure that he has years of experience in this industry.