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6 Perfect Gifts for the DIY Enthusiast

Did you think that DIY is something only men do? Think again! There are a number of women getting their hands dirty, such as the likes of Elsie and Emma (authors of the hugely successful arts, crafts and home blog ‘A Beautiful Mess’), and woodworker Janine Stone (owner, business woman and craftswoman behind ‘If You Gave a Girl a Saw’). If you know a woman that loves nothing more than ripping up the carpet and sanding back the floorboards beneath, here are six perfect gifts to feed her passion for DIY…

A home magazine subscription
What better way to get inspiration for her home than to kick back with an informative magazine? A magazine subscription is just one of the great gift ideas for women who love DIY. She’ll enjoy receiving a brand new issue every month to flick through with a coffee: interior inspiration, before and after features and great new products are bound to get her mind whirring with creativity!

A Tool Band-It Magnetic Arm Band
All die-hard DIYers are familiar with the dilemma of scaling a ladder with a set of nails pinched between their lips. Not the safest, is it?! Solve her problem with this band-it magnetic arm band: it wraps around her arm and keeps up to 25 pounds of tools, nails, bolts and screws secure. It’s perfect for home projects, DIY, gardening and arts and crafts and is bound to be a gift she uses over and over again!

A personalised hammer
No self respecting DIY enthusiast would be without a fully functioning toolkit. So, doubtless the lucky recipient of your present already has a hammer or two knocking around the place. But, does she have polished, drop forged, claw headed hammer with her name on it? Probably not! Look no further than Auntie Mims and place your order after deciding on the wording you’d like engrave this gift with.

A craft course 
Seeing as the lucky recipient of this gift is such a keen DIYer, you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they’ll enjoy a craft course! Book her onto a day-long workshop in any craft you think will take their fancy. They might enjoy conservation and building courses, metal crafts (such as blacksmithing and welding), woodwork (such as carving, furniture restoration and wood turning) and interior design (including furniture painting and upholstery), and doubtless use their new found skills at home! She might even make you something!

A nifty toolbox
You might think toolboxes are up there with ironing boards and vacuum cleaners (practical, but never ever well received as presents), but the Milwaukee toolbox is in a league of its own. Most DIYers buy a mediocre toolbox and suffer with it forever, but this one is one of the few affordable ones to hold tools vertically. This means that tools are kept well organised and easy to get to, as opposed to traditional single storage basins that result in cluttered jumble of odds and ends.

A DIY manual
Why not gift your loved one the complete do it yourself manual? This Reader’s Digest book is a best seller, and is the most comprehensive guide to home improvements available on Amazon right now. It will probably become her most-read book this year.