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6 Most Influential Photography Competitions to Consider

Although photography became a widespread form of art in recent decades, that doesn’t imply that professionalism isn’t appreciated. The fact is that everyone can call themselves a photographer, but up until the moment when their work is marked as valuable and certified, they can’t be perceived as a professional. 

Why You Should Consider Competitions
That is the most important reason why you, as a photographer, need to become a participant in a photography contest. Not only that your work will be appraised by experienced professionals, but you’ll also have an opportunity to gain serious media coverage. Monetary prizes are a vital part of these contests, so you can look forward to some nice pocket money as well. 

Bird Photographer of the Year (Global)
As the organizers themselves say, this photo competition “celebrates the artistry of bird photography”. And it’s not too late for you to join still – the winner yet needs to be chosen and that’s not happening until August. 

Whether you are a bird admirer and you spend your time enjoying these beautiful creatures, or you just happened to take a photo in the right moment, you should check out what this competition has to offer. There are eight carefully developed categories – from Birds in Flight to Attention to Detail – so you’ll certainly enjoy just browsing through photos.

If nothing else, the prize fund of £15,000 should catch your attention. 

GuruShots (Global) 
If you want to spread the word about your art, you should know that this photo contest will do the trick.

GuruShots has a user base that counts millions. Because their reach is so wide, this website categorizes its users – once you sign up, you’ll get a title of a newbie. As you make progress as a photographer on GuruShots, you’ll win different badges and your expertise will be visible on your account. You can check this detailed GuruShots user review for all the specifics.

What makes this photography competition so interesting is the fact that you’ll be challenged on a daily basis. Furthermore, you can get immediate feedback on your work – amazingly enough, this website gathers over 600 million daily votes. 

Therefore, not only can you enter GuruShots online photo contest and publish your work to cover interesting daily challenges like Anything Red for example, but you can also gather valuable information about your photos.

British Wildlife Photography Awards (UK)
The main prize of this photo contest is definitely worth your while – if you manage to win the competition, you’ll receive five thousand pounds, your art will become part of a traveling exhibition, and effective media coverage is also included, as well as the implementation of your work in the official photo book. 

Sounds like a lot to take in, right? Well, you’ll also get an invitation to their glamorous party, so you better prepare a black tie outfit as well.

If you think you can do better with videos instead of photography, you should know that Wildlife in HD is one of the categories.

Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year (Global)
If your lenses are usually pointed upwards, and you nurture a special passion for the phenomenon in the sky, then this photo competition is just right for you. It’s acknowledged as the most valuable competition in this branch of photography – 2018 is their tenth birthday. Therefore, if you consider yourself to be an astrophotographer, this is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. 

International Photo Awards (Global)
If you’re looking for a photo contest that offers serious monetary awards, you should know that International Photo Awards have a cash fund that exceeds twenty thousand pounds. Besides, if you manage to win this competition, your work will travel the world – it will be showcased in a special exhibition that makes stops in cities like New York, Moscow, Paris, Barcelona, and Bangkok.

National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year (Global)
The name National Geographic is famous all over the globe, and so is their competition. The winner of this photography contest gets $7,500, and their work gets to be published in the following edition of National Geographic. 

However, this prize is reserved for the grand winner. The whole competition consists out of four categories – each of the winners gets to take $2500 home. So, it’s up to you to decide on a category – wildlife, landscapes, aerials, or underwater – and enter the contest. 

Which contest is the most suitable for you? You don’t even have to choose just one – you can also spread your work all over the internet by entering as many competitions as you can find. Cash awards, special exhibitions, and professional progress are in your future.

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