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6 Frugal Tips When Travelling to South Africa

If you want to immerse yourself in the African culture, then South Africa (SA) is the best place. The country offers a wide variety of landscape, culture, and industry, diverse and wonderful wildlife among others. The Kruger national park is one of the most visited parks not only in

South Africa but also on the continent. You can truly spend even weeks exploring South Africa’s ecosystems.

The South African Cities are also cosmopolitan and multicultural; there are museums, restaurants, and entertainment options. The country also offers some of the most beautiful beaches. If you want adventure sports, surfing the best waves around or rafting in the river, you’ll get it in this African country as well. Besides, what the country offers, visiting different places can be quite expensive. If you are not careful, you may end up spending more cash than what you budgeted. However, with these six frugal tips, you can cut costs and save money as you enjoy your trip to South Africa.

Meals can really be very expensive in South Africa. Well, the prices for food can still be lower than in Western countries, but you can still spend a substantial amount. The best way to save money is by cooking your own food. Backpackers, the local name for tourist accommodation, provide communal kitchens where you can prepare and store your own food. The grocery stores in SA are plenty and their prices are reasonable. Therefore, preparing your own breakfast and dinner can save a large amount of money.

Traveling around SA
Unlike Europe and the US, there is not much effective public transportation system in SA. However, there is a metro train in Johannesburg serving only a few places. The bottom line is that you can’t really depend on the public transportation in South Africa. Moving around with an Uber or Taxi can really be expensive; the only way that will save you money is to catch a ride with your fellow tourist. There are private companies such as Baz Bus and Intercape, which offer transportation within the country. You can also team up and hire a car to travel around the country.

Furthermore, flying in the country can be an alternative if you want to save some cash, as there are cheap domestic flights. Budget airlines like SAA operate in major and minor airports within the country with several flights in a day. Most airlines offer online booking using any major credit.

Make a Trip during the Off-season
During the off-season, the prices for flights, accommodation, and tours decrease as much as 40 percent. So, if you are traveling on a tight budget or want to save money, then the off-peak adventure is the best. The season from autumn to winter (April-June) and winter to spring (August-October) are the off-peak seasons in SA; therefore, make sure to plan your trip during this time to save some dollars.

If you want to save money in South Africa, spend your night in a tourist accommodation. You can always find a hostel that suits your needs; whether you like your own space or shared room. Generally, there are rooms that will cost around $8-20 for a dorm bed to those that cost $50 for a bungalow in beautiful settings such as a beach view. Make sure you talk to your fellow travelers to see what they like.

Organize a Trip to SA with Friends
Organizing your trip to SA with friends can cut the cost of your trip thus making you save money. You will not be able to service, the fees and expenses alone if you’re with friends. Furthermore, your trip will be more enjoyable if you travel as a group.

Plan for a Long Stay Trip
Staying longer will save you money because there are packages and discounts for people who choose to extend their stay in SA. Extending your stay will save you money, and you will be able to visit more places as well.

These are the best frugal tips when traveling to South Africa. Therefore, if you’re planning to visit SA, make sure that you put these ideas in mind to make your trip pocket-friendly and enjoyable.

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