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5 Weirdest Museums Around the Globe

After visiting the Louvre in Paris or the Hermitage in St. Petersburg and seeing the most impressive works of art, many of use start to wish for something more exotic. Well, your wish is our command!


As Travel Ticker shares with us in this article bellow, there are a few museums with walls that are covered not just with paintings, but with bewildered skin, insects or human body parts! Although among these exhibits many of us won’t be feeling very cozy, it will be impossible to step away and not to look at it! Trust me!

Instead of toilet – throne and stacks of books
The world’s only toilets museum Sulabh is located in the Indian capital city of New Delhi. Here you can gaze your eyes upon a variety of gathered exhibits from different history and art periods – from modern inventions to 5,000-year-old latrines.

I can only bet that you have never seen the ash-making toilet, a stack of books as a toilet, or throne-like toilet which might look really well in your bathroom too!


The most famous exhibit from the human’s stomach
In Japanese city of Meguro, you can visit the Museum of Parasitology, which is definitely not a good place to visit for people who have a weak stomach. Here every visitor gets a chance to see 45 thousand parasite specimens on display altogether with the world’s longest tapeworm. These worms usually live in the human’s body, and sometimes their length can reach about 8.8 meters too!

This museum was established by a medicine doctor who was really concerned about the lack of hygiene of the people. So here you won’t only be able to see some pretty weird exhibits, but also learn what can happen to you if you don’t follow hygiene norms!

The worst art in the famous museum
While some are rushing to take a picture next to the Louvre’s most famous art piece “Mona Lisa”, the other are visiting the bad art museum in Boston. According to the museum’s founder, here you can see about 600 art pieces that are so bad, they can’t be ignored.

While taking a stroll here and seeing all those strange figures and art pieces, you might be able to understand why this gallery showcases those artists who will never put their work into any other museums.


Exhibits permeating death
Siriraj Medical Museum in Bangkok, Thailand, is often associated with death because here you can find really cruel exhibits.

At the entrance visitors are greeted with grinned skeleton, while as you get into the exposition hall, you are welcomed by real human brains, lungs, skulls and many other exhibits that are not just simple human parts – they are all wounded and damaged in one way or another.

While visiting here, do not miss one of the most important exhibits- the real mummified cannibal’s body.

On the ceiling of the museum – visitors’ hair
Voodoo magicians would advise you not to leave your hair in the hands of strangers, but it seems that in Avanos museum, which you can find in Turkey, visitors don’t believe in such practice.

Here you can see 16 thousand strands from the heads of different women from all over the world that was collected for over 30 years. And they are not just simply showing on tables or something – all exhibits are hanging on the walls and the ceiling of the museum. So you are literally can enter a really hairy room.

Moreover, the more tourists are coming, the more the collections is growing since all those who want to become part of the exposition can contribute too! This might be your only chance to get into a museum, so maybe give it a shot?


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