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5 Ways You Can Wear Dance Clothes Every Day

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Dancers clothes are very important. They support the body, and they are tight enough to allow instructors to see exactly what the dancer is doing while executing a move. How a dancer feels when they are practicing or performing makes a big difference in their results.  A dancer feels graceful and chic when wearing traditional ballet gear. They feel edgy and cool in Hip-Hop wear. Even ballroom dancing takes on a new feeling when dressing in a ballgown.

Many of the fashion styles that trend year after year is adopted from the dance studio. There are several reasons for this. First, just like the ballerina feels beautiful when in full dance costume, a non-dancer will feel stylish and dignified when wearing the ballet-inspired outfits.  A Hip Hop dancer is cool and trendy. His clothes move with him and allow him to dance comfortably in clothing that is designed to keep the skin dry and fresh. However, a Hip Hop dancer who shares his art on the streets understands, there is more to the clothing than meets the eye. His shoes are designed to protect his foot and ankle when twirling and jumping. He needs warm-up and cool-down clothes to protect his muscles and allow them to heal on their own.

Photo credit: Aditya Ali

Taking the look

People who love fashion and stay ahead of the trends, always have some dance-inspired looks available. They will have an array of dance leotards by Just For Kix. So, let us show you how to put it all together to create some great fashion days.

  1. Dressing-up a little

Leotard, tulle skirt, and ballerina flats

Leotards come in a lot of styles and colors. Wear a leotard with ¾ length sleeves with a fluffy and tulle skirt. This is a feminine look that should be accessorized a dainty necklace and matching earrings or a string of pearls. Bring the look together with ballerina flats. Nude makeup with glowing skin to give you that princess glow and hair swept up in a bun to complete the look.

   2.Dressing-up a little more

Sexy leotard with mesh back, Tutu, heals

This is the ultimate date-night outfit. Wear a sexy leotard with a mesh back and maybe a plunging neckline. Get one that has jewels or shimmers made into the leotard fabric. You want understated shimmer, not all out glam. Combine this with a full tutu skirt. Get a length that goes just above the knee. Wear high heels, and soft makeup for the evening and carry an evening clutch. This is the closest you will ever feel to being a princess.  

   3. Hanging out with friends or Sunday brunch

Tank-top style leotard, open denim shirt, and a pair of short cut-offs

For this look, go with a leotard that has the tank top look or even spaghetti straps. Wear an unbuttoned denim shirt over it or a loose over-the-shoulder, cropped sweater. Pull on some sexy cut off jeans and you are ready for the ball game or backyard barbeque. Finish this outfit with some cute high-top sneakers or even some ankle boots. Daily wear makeup with highlights and contouring if needed. Hair is down or in a ponytail.

   4. School, visiting friends, or going out for a drink

Leotard with boat neckline, ¾ length sleeves, a denim vest, skinny jeans, flats, sneakers, or boots

(Alternative, change the jeans to a short denim skirt and tights.)

This is an outfit that you can wear just about anywhere. Slip into a casual and comfortable leotard with boat neck and ¾ length sleeves. Put on a denim vest, then skinny jeans or a short denim skirt with tights. Shoes are “anything goes.” Makeup is daily wear and hair is loose and fun.

   5. Working out

Capri leggings, sports bra, loose tank top, high-top sneakers

This is a favorite look for many people. Grab a sports bra and a tank that is loose and has wide arm openings, pair it with Capri leggings and great high-top running shoes. Hair is up in a ponytail and makeup is optional. Grab your earbuds and hit the park. You will be stylish and sexy while keeping your dance figure.

There are many other looks you can put together. Browse online catalogs for dance gear and you will find the look that works for you. There is no wrong way to express yourself. Find your look and you will see how great it feels to be a dancer, or at least to look like one.


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