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5 Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

5 Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

Many dog owners like to travel with their dogs. Dogs make wonderful travel companions as long as you take their special needs into consideration. Here are five useful tips for traveling with your dog. 

1. What to Bring 

Your dog will need some supplies for your trip, including a dog carrier with proper dimensions to fit your dog’s size. Bring a collapsible water bowl and plenty of dog food. If your dog has a favorite blanket, pad your dog’s dog carrier with it to make him more comfortable. Does your dog have a favorite chew toy? Bring it along so your dog can chew on it to pass the time. 

2. What to do in Case of Emergency 

The best thing you can do is to be prepared in case your dog has an emergency while traveling. Have the number of your dog’s vet in your phone so you can call to get a prescription for emergency medication or a referral to a local vet. Also, bring an extra blanket to carry your dog more easily if your dog is unable to walk for any reason. You can also use the blanket to warm your dog to help prevent him from going into shock. 

3. How to Ease Anxiety 

If this is the first trip for your dog, he may have some anxiety. Even dogs that are accustomed to traveling get anxiety sometimes. Talk to your vet ahead of time to see about getting a mild sedative in case your dog becomes overly fearful. You can also implement soothing techniques, such as whispering kind words to your dog, petting him and tucking him into his dog carrier so he feels safer. 

4. Travel by Plane 

If traveling with your dog by plane, be sure to get a dog carrier that’s approved by the airline. This will help prevent issues when trying to check in for your flight. Pad the carrier well so your dog has a soft spot on which to rest. Avoid feeding your dog before the flight, since some dogs may get airsick. Have doggy treats on hand for when you arrive to reward your dog for being such a good traveler! This will help your dog to view travel in a positive way. 

5. Travel by Car 

When traveling with your dog in a car, don’t roll the windows down too far. A little air is okay, but you don’t want to tempt your dog to jump out of a moving vehicle. Keep a collar and leash on your dog at all times. If your dog gets out when you open the door, he may be disoriented and run off. A leash will keep him with you as well as make him easier to catch if he does run for it. 

These five tips for traveling with your dog will help to ensure that your dog enjoys the trip just as much as you do. When you look out for your dog’s health, safety and comfort while traveling, everyone is happier.

Author Bio: Paige Jirsa– I work with Top10.Today, a shopping comparison site, where we strive to help consumers find the best quality and priced products.

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