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5 Tiny Yet Beautiful Room Ideas

Homes Designed With Charming Innovation In Mind
New Frontier Homes have put together a line of properties with some truly captivating amenities, and some of the most modern design features available. We additionally can help you to design the interior of your home such that it is both comfortable and gorgeous.

We specialize in tiny homes, and that means our innovative approaches have the benefit of being specifically targeted to a group of homeowners that is unique in the modern market. Following are five suggestions to help get your imagination flowing, and find what sort of tiny living arrangement best matches your vision.

5 Tiny Yet Beautiful Room Ideas

Multi-Purpose Interior Layouts
One of the most important features of tiny room design which is beautiful, and yet functional, is variety of purpose. You can check out some of this for yourself by taking a digital photo tour of our Alpha Unit.

What has been done is the maximization of available space through strategic design. For example, a lid for the sink reveals a usable counter-top. A window-bearing garage-style door can make a wall turn into an outdoor patio; you might even install your own DIY deck. With creative room design, even the tiniest space can be made to feel larger, and can very realistically serve multiple purposes conveniently.

Quality Furniture That Can Be Built Inside
Sometimes a tiny home may benefit from your own design preferences greater than those of a tiny home manufacturer; but the issue often is this: what you want to do requires more space or maneuverability than is traditionally possible. Well, sometimes, instead of trying to get that couch in by angling it right, you might want to build it from the inside.

This can be especially true with kitchen cabinetry, and there’s a solution in the form of RTA setups which allow you to find what you want and then put it together on your own inside the tiny home.

RTA, or “Ready To Assemble” furniture is a relatively new trend in the bigger scheme of things, and until recently wasn’t as qualitative as it could be. But that’s changed substantially now. You can read more about this at TheRTACabinets.com; according to the site: “…there are now manufactured RTA kitchen cabinets that match in quality and craftsmanship anything you could buy pre-made.”

5 Tiny Yet Beautiful Room Ideas

Utilization Of Windows, Mirrors, And Vertical Space
When you’re shopping for the perfect tiny home unit, you want to seek those that have many windows, and much vertical space. You can double down on the usable area within your home when you think “up”. For example, a tiny home with a ten-foot ceiling may have a four foot area for a bedroom located atop a full bathroom.

A ladder could stretch from the foot of the bed to a living room/guest room, and across from that would be a full kitchen. One of the walls could be made to roll away when a patio is desirable, and can be closed at night or when no one is home.

Mirrors throughout the interior will make a tiny home feel much larger and simultaneously increase light, facilitating reduced energy consumption with the same level of interior utility.

5 Tiny Yet Beautiful Room Ideas

Stowable Furniture Items
The best tiny homes can maintain beauty through simplicity, and cleverly designed storage solutions. For example, a ladder to the lofted bed may stow beneath a stair down into the living/entertaining area. A bed may fold into the wall. It all depends on what you’re most interested in, but when you design a tiny room with stowable items in mind, this tends to help you maximize the space.

Aesthetically Pleasing Design
Another very good component of a beautiful tiny room is its aesthetic element. Woody, more organic exteriors are all the rage these days, but there are a variety of sizes and styles which can be fit to your specific sensibilities. You’re looking for some level of theme defining your tiny home. You could even do some of the design work here yourself through paint and wallpaper.

Tiny Homes With Big Heart
Tiny Homes allow you to realize your greatest imaginings while still being practical, and cost-effective. You can live comfortably, and with low-impact to the environment, all while surrounding yourself in a beautiful dwelling.

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