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5 DIY Clutch Bags

DIY clutch bags are a perfect way to have it all and enjoy all the popular trends without spending an arm and a leg to own one. Here is our selection which is definitely worth a bookmark on everyone’s browser.

#1 Christian Louboutin inspired Bell Clutch
You don’t need to break a bank to get a brand new clutch to combine with your shoes. 5 DIY Clutch Bags via (carryon-carryon)

#2 Glitter Clutch
All you need is a little glitter to give an old clutch new life. 5 DIY Clutch Bags via (iamstyle-ish)

#3 Minaudiere With Golden Horse
Why not repurpose your glass cases by turning them into chic purses? 5 DIY Clutch Bags via (trinketsinbloom)

#4 Bow Clutch
It is not that hard to sew this purse with a little crafts skills and step by step instructions. Let’s give a try! 5 DIY Clutch Bags via (elmstreetlife)

#5 Book Clutch
This recycled geek-chic book clutch is for the ones who like looking sophisticted. 5 DIY Clutch Bags                  via (runwaydiy)

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