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5 Creative Ways to Turn Old Items into New Art

Garbage is a constant problem in a society that’s obsessed with throwing out everything. However, you don’t have to throw away your old items. You can repurpose them into fun new things, and all it takes is a little creativity and the will to solve minor problems.


Bend It
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If you feel like building a book shelf and have a ladder, cut it in half and put it in a corner. If you want to make your mailbox distinctive, take a few license plates, bend them around your existing mailbox and rivet them into place. In order to use things effectively, you first have to bend your notion of what they are and what they can do.

Sit on It
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Sometimes in life, you just need to sit down to ponder what you can repurpose next. How many things in life would make awesome chairs if you just added some legs and secured them? Old suitcases can be combined with pillow stuffing or old couch cushions to make comfy, decorative chairs. Any solid object you can find shopping online may make a good ottoman, and you can pick up the legs at any craft store.

Collage It
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If you’ve ever made a collage robot when you were a kid, you know what it’s all about—decoration using what you have, whatever it might be. You can apply this as an adult by getting a frame or box and attaching stuff to it. A good way to start is to gather objects you’re considering tossing, throwing away anything that may rot quickly and then positioning the rest loosely inside your “frame” before attaching anything. This makes the design process fun and lets you make changes that’ll look better.

Combine it With Other Old Items

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If something doesn’t work, just stick it to a bunch of other stuff that does and call it artwork. Or you can decide that a piece of wood has a flat surface to use as a shelf or stand, or that a damaged glass object can be further shattered to make a beautiful window mosaic. Taking the broken glass to a new level, you can use small pieces and an old stuffed toy to create a dragon with realistic scales by attaching them with a clear adhesive.

Sew It
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If you get a rip in your jeans and it isn’t on a hem, consumerism says to just trash it. But you have another option. Sew it up into a bag. You can make it a lunch bag, a purse or even a saddle bag for your bike. Any time a piece of fabric is no longer useful in its original form, you can integrate it into a new object. Fabric is useful until it is threadbare, at which point you can use it as floss.

All you have to do is be willing to look beyond an object’s original purpose in order to make its unlimited new ones become clear and obvious. From there, you can make almost every object in your home take on a second life.

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