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5 Benefits of Hiring Indoor Plants for your Reception

Nothing livens up a space better than indoor plants. There is just something about lush green indoor plants that adds a stunning look to whatever area they occupy. Unfortunately when most people consider the perfect decor for an event or reception, fresh flowers usually come to mind. Indoor plants carry with them endless health benefits as well as possessing the ability to add taste and tranquility to any space they occupy.Why not add a touch of unique class to your reception by including the timeless beauty that indoor plants provide? Here are five reasons why hiring indoor plants will make your reception a memorable and awe-inspiring event.

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Indoor Plants improve air quality

It’s no secret that indoor plants are rich in oxygen and have the ability to naturally cleanse the air they occupy. Not only does this promote physical health, but psychological as well. Including indoor plants at your reception will create a naturally calm and relaxing atmosphere for your guests.

They hold mild scents

Flowers look and smell beautiful. However, their scent can be very overpowering or even unhealthy for people with respiratory issues or who have a strong sensitivity to smells. This is why many hospitals try to discourage people from bringing floral arrangements to sick friends and loved ones, due to the level of health problems it can cause the other patients.

Indoor plants on the other hand rarely hold scents and even when the do the scent is very mild.In fact, they can clear the air of toxicities which will further benefit your guests overall respiratory health. Including indoor plants at your reception will give you the freedom to place the plants around and near your guests without risking their health or discomfort.

Indoor Plants cause noise reduction

Recent research has demonstrated that indoor plants can be quite effective in the reduction of background noise based on the species and where and how they are positioned. A good indoor plant specialist will be aware of the species and positioning technique that can create this beautiful and natural noise reducing effect.  This is a great option if you plan to have a quiet area of your reception for light socializing or a “chill out” section. You can hire indoor plants from Gaddy’s and specify this technique for your reception.

Less Waste and Less Money

Fresh flowers are cut from the stem, which substantially lowers the flowers’ lifespan. Once the flowers die, they are either pressed in a book or wastefully thrown away. Indoor plants are displayed without clipping and can last for years if properly cared for.

If you hire indoor plants from Gaddys supplier you can take pride in knowing that once your plants have served their multiple purposes at your reception that they will be taken away and cared for until they are used to brighten up another space or event.

Hiring indoor plants is also far less expensive than buying fresh cut flowers and floral arrangements because you can return the indoor plants to be re-used at other events. Flowers, on the other hand, are not re-usable and have to be thrown away or mulched once they have served their purpose.

Indoor Plants are Pleasing to any Eye

Floral arrangements are gorgeous but not exactly unisex in design. Most women love the look of a floral and feminine arrangement, most men on the other hand not so much. Not only that but not everyone enjoys the same flowers. Indoor plants create a pleasing ambiance that anyone can appreciate. Your reception will be the talk of the town when you add the tasteful and classy edition of indoor plants.

indoor-plantImage Credit: gaddysplanthire


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