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5 Arts and Craft Activities to Incorporate into Your Wellness Program

Recovering from an illness or injury is difficult and trying, but there are a few things that you can do to brighten up the patient’s life during this time. This includes adding arts and crafts programs to the normal rehab routine. They stimulate the mind and keeps patients active.

Use Dried Beans and Legumes to Create a Mosaic

Mosaics are particularly challenging, but rewarding as well. Patients can draw a template first, or start placing groups of beans and other legumes on a piece of paper to create a picture. The best legumes to use include kidney beans, peas, black beans, and lentils. Use different colored legumes for different parts of the picture. Birds, cars, and trees are just a few ideas for the mosaic. After selecting the template, glue the legumes onto the design.

Color and Design Patches of Paper to Create a Quilt

Build camaraderie among patients by working as a group to create a large paper quilt. Each patient will design a single patch of the quilt using a piece of paper. Draw patterns on the paper and color them in with crayons, markers, or watercolors. Also, glue cutouts from fabrics onto the paper. After each piece of paper has been completed, glue all of them onto a large sheet of paper the size of a standard quilt. Hang it on the wall or place it on the floor like a rug.

Create Artistic Shapes By Rolling Paper

Paper Quilling is the art of rolling, shaping, and gluing paper together to create beautiful shapes. This requires thin strips of construction paper that are 0.5 inches wide. Roll these strips into tight circles or ovals and glue them onto a large construction paper to create flowers, butterflies, or other things. Each roll of paper would represent the petals of a flower or the wings of a butterfly. Add strips of unrolled paper for stems, antennae, and other things

Design Beautiful Japanese Windsock
Image via Flickr by yeowatzup

Decorate the room with beautiful Japanese windsock made from brown paper bags. Cut out the bottom of the bag and decorate the top 1/3 of the stretched out paper bag with patterns and colors. Then, make several cuts on the bottom of the paper that are 2″ apart and 2″ from where the patterns end. Roll the paper into a cylinder, and staple it closed. Punch four holes into the top of the windsock, and loop four strings through each hole. Afterward, tie them together above the windsock, and hang it up on a door.

Hand Out Craft Kits from Help Hospitalized Veterans (HHV)

Help Hospitalized Veterans (HHV) provides craft kits to military service personnel receiving medical care. It includes several activities including mosaics, glass design, painting, and needlecraft. These kits are designed to aid in the rehabilitation process by improving coordination, motor skills, concentration, and mood. Many RN to MSN online programs recommend including arts and crafts into traditional rehab programs.

These arts and crafts provide hours of enjoyment for the sick or elderly. Not only do they keep them occupied, it also helps maintain brain function and overall well-being.


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