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4 Tips to Keep Your Basement Dry This Winter

Basement waterproofing is one of the effective ways of maintaining the structural integrity of your building. The site of snow is beautiful to look at however, when snow starts melting, it exposes your home at risk of water damage. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that your basement is protected at all cost.

The best and one of the few competent companies in Toronto that specialize in exterior and interior basement waterproofing has given us the tips below. This company has been offering their high-quality services for a long time now. Therefore, it has developed the necessary skill and experience to offer top-notch waterproofing basement services. To ensure that your basement is dry during winter, this company recommends the following actions.

1. Clear foundation and keep off snow
Waterproofing your basement requires you to be proactive. This means that you should definitely prepare your building for snow. Ensure that the snow is far from your building’s foundation. This is one of the effective ways of waterproofing basement. It is similar to how you keep plant debris and leaf away from your foundation during the fall. Only that, during winter you deal with snow.

2. Take a look at your pipes
Checking out on the state of your pipes and plumbing is something that should happen all year round. However, during winter, it is more important to inspect your plumbing and pipes. This ensures that the pipes are not exposed to a freezing risk due to the cold weather. Regular inspection also helps you to notice any seeping and leaking possibilities. In order to ensure that your plumbing and pipes are in great condition during winter, you should probably consider foam insulation. It is both easy to install and inexpensive. The foam prevents drafts that might end up freezing the pipes. This will be a long-term investment for super protection for your basement.

3. Clean and inspect downspouts and gutters
Here is one of the best ways of waterproofing basement. Downspouts and gutters are critical components around your home as they direct water flow away from your foundation. However, without regular inspection of these components, you might miss instances when debris accumulates and end up causing blockage.When you have faulty downspouts and gutters, the water will spill over the side. This will happen against your home and as a result, saturates the ground. Once the area around the foundation is saturated, water is able to seep in. This implies that misplaced downspouts and clogged gutters can get in the way of waterproofing basement. Therefore, get rid of built-up ice and debris for proper and smooth water flow. Properly installed downspouts are tilted at an angle to keep water off the foundation.

4. Check drainage lines and sump pump
Does your home have a sump pump? Well…. If yes, you should ensure that it gets an annual service. If you haven’t so far, make sure you do before winter sets in. Inspect the sump pump pipe/ drain line on the outside. This will help you ensure that the system is not filled with debris or clogged. To ensure that your efforts in keeping your basement dry are successful, unplug the sump pump and check the dirt outlet and the cord. Additionally, inspect the sump pump dirt and debris pit and ensure it is clear.

Benefits of basement waterproofing
From the above tips, you have learnt of the most effective ways to basement waterproofing your home. There are benefits that come with this practice and you cannot afford to miss them. They include strong foundation, eliminates health issues, no need to worry about chances of flooding, low humidity, reduce your energy costs and increase the resale value.

In case you live in Toronto and the GTA, the above are some of the tips you can use to keep your basement dry. There are numerous waterproofing basement companies that you will find here. Ironically, all of them promise high-quality service but only a few of them deliver those promises. This is why you should solve all your basement waterproofing issues with basement waterproofing services waterproofing. The company is very competent and has qualified staff. It is the best so far and offers their basement waterproofing service at a very affordable price for homeowners.