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4 Secrets to Avoid Costly Wooden Floor Repairs

Wooden floors are beautiful and they can give a feel to a room that is impossible to match without the real thing. They do come with their drawbacks though and without proper care, preparation and attention, you can end up with something unattractive and costly to fix on your hands. Here are four tips that you should know when it comes to avoiding costly repairs.

4 Secrets to Avoid Costly Wooden Floor Repairs Photo Credit: solib.org

1. Prevention is Always Better Than Cure

Seriously, we can’t stress this one enough. Avoiding damage to wooden floors is much easier than fixing any damage done. It’s difficult to do any permanent damage to a floor, though obviously possible, but even minor dings and scratches can be a big upheaval and an expensive thing to contemplate when looking for a fix. Make sure your furniture is protected against scratching the floor and if you think any area is liable to suffer from spills, then consider a floor covering as some extra security. Attractive floor coverings can even add something to a hardwood floor and pads for the feet of furniture are available at any good hardware store.

2. Floor Sanding

If you own a hardwood floor then familiarise yourself with the world of floor sanding in Southampton. It’s going to come in very useful when you’re planning on laying down new hardwood flooring or maintaining existing flooring. As with anything made of wood, preparation will involve sanding the wood back to a state where it can be treated or stained in whatever way you prefer. This first stage can be costly so make sure you are up on the knowledge and able to get it done yourself. If it’s just too much work or you’re not confident in your abilities, there will be local workers available to carry out the work but be aware, the cost can be high as you’ll be paying for labour on top of equipment hire. Shop around if this is the case and make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

3. Replacing Damaged Wood

Maybe you’ve got a water stain or a burn mark that just can’t be fixed, perhaps a plank has become warped and dangerous to walk on. Don’t think this means you need to rip up a whole rooms worth of wood to fix the problem. With real hardwood flooring, you can pull up and replace individual planks at a relatively small cost. The work involved is relatively simple, non-labour intensive and anyone with quite a basic set of tools could learn to complete it. The hassle really comes in finding the right piece of wood to match the floor. With some dedication though and a bit of patience you should be able to find the right plank and treatment to ensure that your floor is brought back to a state of perfection in no time.

4. Removing Watermark Stains

Don’t pull out the claw hammer and chisel as soon as you see a serious watermark stain appear, there may be a chance that restorative measures don’t need to go any further than a bit of know-how and a nifty trick or two. One way of getting rid of a watermark stain, such as a condensation ring from a cool glass of water, is to use a plain cloth and an iron to dry it out. Just fold the cloth over and run a medium iron over where the stain is and check frequently to see the progress. This could save you a big chunk of time, money and stress.