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4 Ideas for Decorating Your Nursery

As soon as you found out you were expecting, the wheels in your head started turning. You undoubtedly began to feel overwhelmed with decisions and changes you’ll soon have to make. What will I name him? What supplies will I need? Do we need a bigger house? Should I start a college fund?

Those are all relevant questions that you’ll find answers to in time, but possibly the most daunting decision of all of them: How will I decorate the nursery? Your baby’s nursery should reflect your own tastes and personal style, but also offer a soothing home base for your bundle of joy to call home. There are so many themes and concepts you can go with, and making hard and fast decisions can certainly get overwhelming. To give you a place to start, here are a few decorating ideas for your nursery.

Combine Function and Style
nursery-decorationImage via Flickr by Kelly Sue

While most nurseries have a special design appeal to them, they need to be functional at the end of the day. It’s here that you’ll rock your little one to sleep, change his clothes, soothe his late-night cries, and change his diaper. Look for furniture items that appeal to a style that suits the rest of your home. Look for a crib that has built-in storage, either underneath it or on the ends.

Alternatively, you can always use a crib skirt and shove some under-bed totes under there. It’s a great place to keep essentials like extra diapers and wipes without sharing your stash with the world.

Repurpose Items to Save Space and Money
nursery-roomImage via Flickr by Tabitha Blue / Fresh Mommy

Instead of purchasing both a changing table and a dresser for the tiny outfits your little one will surely accumulate, combine the two to safe space. That’s right, there’s no need to invest in both furniture items. Simply choose a dresser that’s tall enough for you to lay your baby on to change his diapers or switch out his outfits.

Once you’ve selected the dresser, simply add a changer top and pad to it, and ta-da. You have yourself the perfect place to double as your changing table. This way when baby no longer needs it, you won’t have an entire changing table to get rid of.

Start a Love Affair with Storage
nurseryImage via Flickr by Tabitha Blue / Fresh Mommy

You’ll be astonished at how much baby stuff you’ll accumulate as you prepare for your new arrival. Laura over at Oakland Avenue created the perfect nursery, complete with her own clear bookshelf reading area. She needed a place to store all the books she received, so she decided to hang mini-bookshelves similar to those you might find in a doctor’s office on an otherwise unused part of the wall.

In addition to adding décor items like chairs and pillows to your first nursery, storage items such as closet organizers are critical. Look for tubs and baskets with varying textures and materials to add some personality to the space, and remember that you can never have too many baskets. Almost without fail, parents underestimate the amount of storage space they’ll need. Be sure to figure out how much you’ll need and add more.

Embrace “Kid-Clutter”

nursery-shelvesImage via Flickr by easement

You’ll inevitably accumulate all kinds of toys, books, pillows, and other baby supplies that don’t necessarily go with the decor you’ve picked out for your nursery. Embrace the concept of “kid clutter.” That is, color schemes and textures that mirror the playful nature of children. Use toys and toy-inspired items as accent pieces to keep the childlike atmosphere in mind throughout the room.

Any DIY projects you’re comfortable with tackling also add to the kid-clutter couture look, so don’t be afraid to explore your creative side and add your own personal touch to your nursery.

When you initially set out to decorate your nursery in preparation for your first child, it can easily become overwhelming. But at the same time, it’s easy to get carried away with options. Hopefully these ideas will point you in the right direction, and you’ll be well on your way to creating the perfect nursery in no time.

Use wall space to your advantage
Often times we think of space as the actual square footage of a room. Embracing the walls in a room will not only give you extra space, but it will give you a platform to add some creativity. Adding framed art can add a stylish, yet chic decor. You can also use your walls for adding additional storage. Mounting storage cubes to a wall adds dimension and also gives you the space to store books, accent pieces, or even add a small plant to bring in extra oxygen.


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