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3 Most Important Parts Of An Essay

Like every discipline or subject in academics is divided into different parts, in the same way we have different parts of an essay. You all might be writing the essay since school times and now when you are in a college you are still expected to write an essay. At school you might be getting good core but when it comes to writing an essay at college level, most of you tend to get less marks. Have you ever wondered why is, this the case? If not, then it is high times that you need to consider this matter seriously. Besides all the other reasons, one of the major reasons for you scoring less is the lack of proper knowledge about the different parts of an essay. You can surely buy essay for college but you need to know 3 most important parts of an essay.

3 Most Important Parts Of An Essay

Here we will focus on all the three parts and what you need to include in these so that when you next write an essay you are able to write it more effectively grabbing the attention of the reader and keeping him engaged till the end is the only key to writing an effective essay to get good scores. Coming to the three most important and essential parts of the essay, these are as follows:

1. Introduction

This is the first part and the most important. You need to give a proper introduction to the essay topic. You can do this by including three things here. First is the opening sentence that tends to make the reader familiar with the essay topic. Second is the re iteration that clarifies the question to the reader. Last is the viewpoint that tends to disclose what is your point of view on the topic. The relevancy of the content depends on how well you explain your points with the help of facts and logics.

2. Body

Here you need to cover the entire content by giving the justification to support your point of view on the question. Firstly you need to give the statement followed by explaining the same. Next you need to support the statement and its explanation with the help of an example.

3. Conclusion

This is the third and a vital part of essay writing. Here you need to give the crux of the entire essay that you have written. In addition to giving a um up you can also go in for inclusion of some of the solutions or suggestions that you find suitable for the same. This part tends to wind up your essay effectively and appropriately.

All in all, these are the 3 most important parts of an essay. To write an essay properly it is must to have a detailed knowledge about all the three parts so that you can ace it. Only if you know the parts are you able to nurture and grow them as in case of a plant, similarly same is the case with essay writing.