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3 Common Errors People Make in Designing Room

3 Common Errors People Make in Designing Room

There are numerous interior design tips when it comes to designing a room. As such, instead of repeating the same advice in different words, it would be prudent to advise you on what you shouldn’t do. That will be more useful than the regurgitated advice on what you should do.

Therefore, here are some tips on how to avoid the mistakes that many people make when it comes to room design.

Failure to Make Proper Use of Windows
When designing a room, many of us would pick a focal point, and then work outwards, oblivious of the windows. They’ll set the furniture facing the focal point (e.g. an entertainment unit or fireplace) and work back from there. This is wrong!

You should consider the light coming into the room, and how it affects the room’s overall appearance. Likewise, think of the drapes or curtains, and how they’re hung. Also, don’t forget to think about the windows themselves.

Many individuals tend to fix their curtain rods or rails immediately above the window. You should know that the lower your curtains or drapes, the lower your ceiling will appear and the smaller your room. As such, it’s advisable to always hang your curtains high.

The higher you fix the curtain rods or rails, the higher your ceiling will seem. You should fix your rods as much as one foot above the top of your window. This way, your room will look higher, and you’ll appear to get more light.

So Much Clutter
Many people have so much furniture that when moving around you have to be very careful, lest you knock things over. You should leave at least 36 inches of traffic space. This should be more if there’s a wheelchair in your family.

Accessories, like lamps and plant pots, should be chosen to enhance the appearance of a room, not to fill it. When designing a room, consider combining furniture, accessories, and accent pieces as a reflection of your personal taste. However, you shouldn’t use them simply because you think you like them.

If you have collectibles, sports trophies, or curiuos, avoid displaying them on every available flat surface. Curio cabinets and corners cabinets provide an excellent space to display your collections without upsetting the general interior design of your home.

Improper Use of Color

3 Common Errors People Make in Designing Room

Most people do a wonderful job with the furnishings, but make the mistake of leaving everything looking dull and lifeless. Every room requires some color to enliven it, even if it’s just one or two beautiful paintings or brightly-colored curtains. For instance, you can liven up brown or beige curtains by hanging a pair of orange drapes on either side of the main curtains. It is wonderful what a foot of brightly-colored drapes on either side of a 6-foot breadth of brown can do for a room!

Never be afraid of using bright colors when designing a room. In fact, there are no interior design rules that bar people from using color. You can paint one wall orange to match your orange drapes; it would look great. Likewise, arrange your lighting to highlight your colorful accessories and accent pieces.

To build a home you can be proud of largely takes uniformity. Make sure the color of walls, floors, and fittings go together, and have uniform furnishings to tie the room together. Besides these valuable interior design tips, also avoid using low quality accessories. You can get high-quality, but quite affordable accessories from online outlets like MaestroBath.com.