16 Functional DIYs with Corks

Cork has always been an inspiring material for DIY lovers. This magical thing is easy to supply and so inexpensive that it doesn’t matter if you spoil it while trying the projects. You can find loads of ideas to make with cork and the projects are for all skill levels. Decorative letter, key ring and coaster are the simplest ones that can effortlessly be completed in an afternoon. There are also more challenging projects like wall organizer or cork tray for advanced level diyers. The latter also requires a little more patience. Below you’ll find many cork crafts for your home and office, enjoy and get crafty!

Decorative Letter
decorative-diy-cork-letterTutorial: asmithofalltrades

diy-cork-coasterTutorial: elizakprints

Letter Tack Board
diy-cork-latter-tack-boardTutorial: blissbloomblog

iPad Case
diy-cork-ipad-caseTutorial: cremedelacraft

State Coasters
diy-cork-state-coasterTutorial: thanksimadeitblog

Wine Charms
diy-cork-wine-glass-charmTutorial: poorbutsexy

Wall Organizer
diy-cork-boardTutorial: the3rsblog

diy-cork-ringTutorial: bycrina

Decorative Ball
decorative-diy-cork-ballTutorial: allputtogether

diy-cork-trayTutorial: ilovetocreate

diy-cork-key-chainTutorial: morningcreativity

Office Lamp
diy-cork-office-lampTutorial: dreamalittlebigger

diy-cork-mouse-padTutorial: thinkcrafts

diy-cork-clockTutorial: theartannex

diy-cork-backsplashTutorial: houzz

Pencil Holder
diy-cork-pencil-holderTutorial: designformankind

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