15 DIY Projects with Leather

Weekend is almost here. It is the best time to start a new DIY project. So we hunted down some craft ideas for you and chose leather as the star of our crafts show. You can upcycle a specific material in many ways like we did here with leather. All you need is to look around for old-fashioned belts, bags and jackets and then choose your DIY idea and roll up your sleeves. To find complete how-to instructions and more photos for that project, click on the link below each photo. If you have such projects on your blog, please share the link in the comment box.


diy-leather-braceletTutorial: look-what-i-made

Jewelry Box
diy-jewelry-boxTutorial: monsterscircus

Hair Clip
diy-leather-hair-clipTutorial: withlovely

diy-leather-vaseTutorial: sketchystyles

Luggae Tag
diy-luggage-tagTutorial: almostmakesperfect

leather-bowTutorial: mycalicoskies

Barefoot Sandal and Shoe Enhancer
leather-brafoot-sandal-enhancerTutorial: lovemaegan

Collar Necklace
leather-collar-necklaceTutorial: lovemaegan

Hexagon Necklace
leather-hexagon-necklaceTutorial: ohoh-blog

leather-tassel-keyringTutorial: lovelyindeed

Elbow Patch
leather-elbow-patchTutorial: ilovedoityourself

Glasses Case
diy-leather-glasses-caseTutorial: whimseybox

diy-leather-bookmarkTutorial: owlswakeup

Bow Tie
diy-leather-bow-tie-beltTutorial: abirdsleap

Moustache Keychain
leather-moustache-keychainTutorial: katrinshine

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