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15 Crafty Projects for Making a Rug

What I like about autumn the most is the rainy afternoons, sitting alone by the window, have a cup of tea and enjoy my time with diy projects. I am not very creative but a little crafty as I have been knitting since I was 6, thanks to my grandma. Now we have blog-world, huge union of talented people who are kind enough to share their works in order to inspire people like me, lacking creativity. While surfing the net, I came up with the idea of making my own rug. We are in fall now and soon it will be winter, considering the time it may take to finish making a rug, it is the best time to start such a project. In fact, I am a typical “goal-oriented” person, that means I like to finish things quickly. So this type of project that takes time to accomplish sounds perfect to tame this characteristic of me. Look at these beautiful rugs, who doesn’t want to have one? Then time to enjoy the process. Be crafty!


diy-rug-tutorials02Tutorial: almost40yearoldintern

diy-rug-tutorials10Tutorial: flightofthepook

diy-rug-tutorials08Tutorial: sarahmdorseydesigns

diy-rug-tutorials03Tutorial: 1dogwoof

diy-rug-tutorials04Tutorial: abeautifulmess

diy-rug-tutorials05Tutorial: abeautifulmess

diy-rug-tutorials09Tutorial: idlewife

diy-rug-tutorials11Tutorial: alionsnest

diy-rug-tutorials15Tutorial: maidenjane

diy-rug-tutorials13Tutorial: pippapatchwork

diy-rug-tutorials06Tutorial: blogalacart

diy-rug-tutorials12Tutorial: dreambookdesign

diy-rug-tutorials01Tutorial: dreamalittlebigger

diy-rug-tutorials07Tutorial: dreamalittlebigger

diy-rug-tutorials14Tutorial: apartmenttherapy


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