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10 Garden Art Suggestions To Brighten Your Property

Is one of your greatest enjoyments when you head outside into the garden? Using these easy do-it-yourself ideas, you can enhance the beauty of your garden tenfold. Make sure you share these tips with your friends and family too.

Turn Shoe Storage Into A Rack For Plants
If you take a shoe organizer and turn it on its side so that it is upright, it makes a great plant holder. Shoe storage units are not the most attractive item in your home, but turning it upright gives you a plant rack that does not take up a lot of space. Make sure you put in some drainage holes so water has a way to escape.

Make Graffiti With Moss
Gardeners are normally very artistic people, so put your creative juices to work with this wall art idea. Moss can easily be used to make graffiti that will grow outdoors. All you need to do is throw some living moss, 700 ml of water and 2 tbsp of a gel that is able to retain water into a blender. Finally, add 120 ml of buttermilk and blend it all together. This gel can be applied to any piece of wood or wall. Paint out your design and let it grow.

Flower Boots
When rain boots are past their use by date, turn them into planting pots by adding clean soil and flower nutrients. Hammer in some nails and use the loops on the boots to hang your new flower pots off the wall. Make sure you situate them where they can get plenty of water during rainfall.

Make A Planter From Cinder Blocks
If you place cinder blocks on their end so they are upright, you can use the spaces within for planting. The design that you lay the blocks out in is completely up to you. If you are feeling really creative, break out some paint to completely change the color of the blocks. You could also individualise them with motivational messages. They do not take up a lot of room, but will add a unique look to your garden. Check these ones out.

Fake Flowers Make From Dishes
If you have some robust dishes lying around, such as those made of heavy-duty glass or steel, you can turn these into fake flowers. Arrange each dish to form the petal of a flower and either glue or bolt them together. You will need access to a drill if you want to make a hole through the center of all of them. You can then use a wooden or metal pipe to represent the stem of the flowers. This can also be attached using strong glue. Situate the flowers out in your garden and you will have art that thrives even in a drought.

Rejuvenate Green Onions
Are you a green onion lover? Once you have finished eating the green onion down to the white bulb, pop it into a glass with a little water in the bottom. Next, place the glass in an area where it will see natural sunlight. You will notice that within a week, the green onion will have new growth on it. This is particularly exciting for kids to watch.

Use Ice Cream Cups For Plant Pots
When you are trying to get seedlings to grow, using ice cream cups as planter pots is a great idea. Their size is perfect, and they will break down in the dirt.

Recycle Used Hats
It’s not always easy to find a new use for old hats, but they are great hanging plant pots for outside. Make sure you choose hats that are bright and colorful to add some visual zing to your back yard.

Add A Touch Of Lace To Your Planter Pots
Do you also love to get creative inside your craft room? You can easily combine this love with your love of gardening. Take some leftover lace and use glue to paste it onto your planter pots. It does not take much time to do, but will give your pots a prettier touch.

Shimmering Stones
It is always nice to have stones in your garden that can reflect back sun rays. Also, these stones help as a small light source once the sun goes down. Take the time to break them up into interesting pieces. You can use stencils as a cutting guide.

Add a Fountain
A water fountain can really make such a difference to your garden space in winter and in the summer. Add fish or water foliage and it’s the perfect centre piece – check out these Henri Studio water fountains to get an idea.

Swinging Chair
If you have an old, small chair that needs a new lease on life, why not turn it into a chair swing? You may need some help to hang it from a tree, so make sure you’ve got an extra set of hands available to help you with this.