Short Animation: Caminandes


Caminandes is a short animation created by Pablo Vazquez, Beorn Leonard and Francesco Siddi at the Blender Institute. The story is based on the struggles of the main chracter Caminandes, a tiny little llama. Its style is so similar to Tex Avery Looney Tunes from

Effective Aesthetic Implementation Requires Proper Tools

Tools of Performance
The painter can paint without paints or a brush; but can this artist reach full potential? Is it possible to do watercolor with mud and a toothbrush? Maybe—there are many artists who are able to flourish in even the most difficult of circumstances. And, to some degree, difficulty makes for better art. But at a certain level it becomes a disadvantage.

If you are a piano player, you need a keyed instrument. Certainly it’s better to have one that has weighted keys, and a full range of octaves. But you can play on light keys in two octaves as

Choosing an Electrician in Manchester

When you are in need of the services of a professional electrician in the Manchester area, you will have a good many choices available. Since you want to obtain the highest quality of work and not risk any safety hazards, you will need a way to sift through the numerous electrical companies of Manchester and

Run Out of Marketing Ideas? Here’s a Few to Try

The good thing about marketing a business is there aren’t just a small handful of ways to do it. Depending on your creativity and the amount of effort you wish to expend on promoting the company, there are many approaches to take. It’s not always clear which marketing push will turn out successful and